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Comment le mode de confidentialité de Talkatone peut sécuriser votre communication

Talkatone understands that privacy is integral for communication. Many of our users value privacy as they use Talkatone for either business or as a private secondary phone number. Business users want to keep proprietary information while private secondary numbers are often used to avoid the barrage of spam calls our telephones are hit with nowadays. How Talkatone Privacy Mode can keep your communication secure

Talkatone aims to keep your mind at ease with features designed to maintain confidentiality. Here are the features you’ll find as you explore our Privacy Mode.


Your phone may be locked, but if someone were to unlock it or borrow it, they’d have access to all your apps and its corresponding information. With Talkatone, you can add an additional layer of security by enabling a personalized passcode. Talkatone Privacy Mode.

Within the Talkatone app, head to settings and select ‘Passcode.’ You’ll soon be able to add a 4-digit passcode to your account, and you can event select when the passcode kicks in. You can have it activate immediately, after 1 minute, 5 minutes or 15 minutes.

Now confidential information can be shared without worry of it leaking. Unauthorized third parties won’t be able to access your Talkatone account even if your device is unlocked.

Disable Notifications

Our notification screens are often filled with information, and it’s easy for people to take a quick glance and see who you’re talking to. With Talkatone Privacy Mode, you can keep your personal conversations private by disabling notifications.

You can opt out of receiving notifications at any time by going to Settings and turning them off. Do you have a snooping friend? A curious child? By turning notifications off, your chat history will stay confidential and surprises will be at a minimum.

Even better, you won’t have to be worried about being interrupted by an unexpected phone call. We’ve got you covered. Talkatone Privacy Mode

Talkatone Burner

The ultimate level of privacy. Sometimes the world overwhelms you and your phone number has been compromised. Your privacy has been stolen from you, and the one way to get it back is to take it back. With Talkatone, you can burn your compromised number and get a new one instantly. see Talkatone contre TextNow.

There are no hoops to jump through, no complicated set of customer service representatives to call. Just burn your number and get a new one. Just don’t forget to tell your friends about your new number.

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