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Over the years we’ve learned that many of our users have their own reasons to prefer Talkatone over other services. Here are six different ways you can use Talkatone, our free calling and texting app, to save you money and protect your privacy. Getting the most out of Talkatone.

Poor Cellular Service.

Living in a cellular dead zone? Tired of dropping important phone calls? No more need to stress the impossibility of placing a call because of bad coverage or going outside to have a phone conversation. With Talkatone you can enjoy high-quality calls via Wi-Fi connection, as well as save money. It’s an excellent solution for calling or texting any US/Canada number without requiring a cellular service. Getting the most out of Talkatone.

Working from Home.

When working from home it may be difficult to separate work from personal life. Use Talkatone for job-related purposes and always stay connected with your colleagues and business partners. Utilize the app and take advantage of making and receiving free calls to any US/Canada phone number and avoid paying any overages or exceeding your monthly plan. And best of all, Talkatone provides unlimited free calling to Toll-Free numbers, so your next conference call could be on us!

Use Talkatone as your main phone number.

Did you know many Talkatone users use our app as their only phone number? If you’re always on WiFi anyway, or have a cheap data plan, you can use Talkatone as your main phone number. Many people are on WiFi most of the time, either at home, their place of work or school, and therefore pay nothing or very little for cellular data. Why pay for a phone line when Talkatone can provide you with free phone service?

Most Talkatone users pay nothing to use the app, and enjoy our generous monthly texting and calling allocations, as well as visual voicemail and unlimited toll-free calling. So getting the most out of Talkatone.

All we ask is that you use your phone number regularly so we know we shouldn’t give it to someone else.

You can also turn your tablet into a phone! Just install the app, pick a phone number and off you go!

Use Talkatone as your Second Line.

Maybe you have your main phone number and you’re happy paying what your regular cellular carrier is charging you. Many of our users though do find value in having a second phone number. If you’re running a business, you may want to keep business and personal calls separate. Getting the most out of Talkatone. Talkatone will get you a free second phone number that you can use for all your business calls, including visual voicemail, and for a small monthly fee we’ll keep your number for you even if you don’t use it.

Private Number.

Other users find incredible value in having a separate phone number to shield them from unwanted calls. If you’re dating, do you really want to give your real phone from the get-go? Maybe not. When you sold that old bicycle last year, did you give out your real phone number? Hope not. These are scenarios where you may value Talkatone’s “burn” capability, allowing you to dispose of your Talkatone phone number, or our free call blocking feature. Getting the most out of Talkatone.

Use Talkatone as your travel phone.

International roaming can be expensive — really expensive. With Talkatone, you get a free US or Canadian phone number that allows you to text or call back to US or Canadian phone numbers, free of charge. All your phone or tablet needs is a data connection (hotel WiFi is fine) and you’ll be able to call back home without incurring international charges. Getting the most out of Talkatone. In addition, you can let people know your Talkatone phone number so people back home can call or text you as well.

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