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Frequent questions...

Can I use SendApp with different phone numbers?

Yes. Our App can be connected to any mobile device thanks to the QR code. We have provided this mode to give you the opportunity to do marketing with multiple telephone numbers.

Once a license has been purchased, are there other payments?

No, our license is lifetime, once purchased it will always be yours and you can move your license to any computer.

Can I connect my address book to SendApp?

Yes. You can import your Whatsapp contacts or add personal contacts to the Sendapp address book. The important thing is that it respects the rules of Spam. It is possible to customize the message with the name of the contact by adding #name in the body of the message.

How many messages can I send with SendApp?

There is no limit to the messages you can send with Sendapp Business.

Sendapp Mobile is available in 3 versions:
* Sendapp Lite iOS - 20 messages at a time
* Sendapp Pro iOS - 200 messages at a time
* Sendapp Business iOS - unlimited sending

The time to send a message varies depending on the performance of the connection.

All data will be stored exclusively on your device in use without ever being transmitted or reachable by our (and / or third party) servers or other online systems, Sendapp therefore has no access and / or responsibility of any kind on your data.

Can I send a message to a number not registered on my Smartphone?

Yes. With Sendapp it will be possible to send messages to anyone even to numbers not registered in our address book of messaging apps or who have not registered our number in their address book.

Note: By first contacting people who do not want to receive messages or who do not know you or who have never had a conversation with your account or who do not remember you etc. there is a risk of being reported by those users and therefore banned from whatsapp!

If you generate a button, respecting the GDPR rules,to place on your website or other source and add a FollowUp ...
there is no risk at all and the result will be amazing!

Can I use my computer while SendApp is running?

Yes. All Sendapp processes are in the background, so you can use your computer normally and our software and it will take care of automating your marketing!

Can I use WhatsApp on my Smartphone while running SendApp?

Yes. Sendapp uses the messaging app web interface so you can continue to use your smartphone while our software and will do the work for you.

Note: For the correct functioning of SendApp your smartphone and your computer must have an internet connection.

If WhatsApp bans my phone number can I continue to use SendApp?

Yes. If you are banned from messaging apps it is probably because you are using our software incorrectly.
However you have the possibility to connect Sendapp to another phone number through the messaging app QR code, continuing to do marketing with our software correctly.

SendApp functionality

Minimum requirements

Since SendApp imports your contacts from WhatsApp and sends WhatsApp messages, it necessarily requires a WhatsApp account or a WhatsApp Business account.

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