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Save time using SendApp
Get down to work with an all-in-one marketing platform that keeps up with modern communication. No technical skills are required: just personalize your message with Texts, Images, Emoji and Link to create a successful advertising campaign with just a few clicks.

  •  Unlimited submissions
  •  Forever
  •  Contacts directory
  •  Report Submission
  •  Photo Library
  •  Stock Photo Free
  •  Photo editor
  •  Planning
  •  Customer service

7 reviews for SendApp Business

  1. Marta Zanzottera (verified owner) -

    I am pleased to be the first to review this program, I would say fully satisfied, not to mention remote assistance, with Stefano, super helpful, explaining every need, before the sale, but above all after-sales! Available to show how the program works. only observation, I would have appreciated a telephone assistance as well as remotely, it would be a little clearer! However good buy, I just have to test it and we'll see you at the next review!

  2. Funteam (verified owner) -

    Excellent chat assistance from Stefano, really helpful helped me throughout the info / purchase and post sales phase ... great service and great customer care!

  3. Roberto Ricci -

    I work as an insurance broker and I constantly need to keep my clients updated on insurance deadlines and their protection needs.

    With SENDAPP I was able to meet both needs.

    Product easy to use, immediate and comfortable. Accessible to all.

    Highly recommended

  4. Start Day -

    Having Sendapp as a key tool for your marketing gives you a competitive advantage, what has been done with emails so far.

  5. ashmed50 (verified owner) -

    For a long time, I have been looking for a tool that will integrate our messages to customers. With the help of the SendApp business tool, there are no limits to making our dream a reality. Thanks to the founder and crew. This is indeed a no brainer tool. Customer support is phenomenal. They work me through a demo to get an insight on what the tool is capable of to handle. Without any hesitation after the demo, I get the money and I can say, I am happy with what I get for the price.

  6. Ahmad Naser -

    It has long been since I used whatsapp for marketing, uh, it turns out there is a special tool for whatsapp, really good for increasing turnover. Thank you very much for the creator,

  7. Prayudi Rahmatullah -

    The really cool, before my olshop experienced a significant decline, but after I used Sendapp Business, it was very easy to find new customers, generate the whatsapp number we want, then send an automatic message, very, very helpful.

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