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Instructions for use SendApp

Import contacts from WhatsApp and .CSV

How to import the address book

  1. Connect your WhatsApp account with SendApp.

How to import the address book

2. Click the Phonebook icon (second icon from above, on the left)

3. Create a new folder - click + (icon above left)

To import WhatsApp contacts into the SendApp:

  1. select / create a folder
  2. click the "Import from WhatsApp" button

How to import contacts into .csv

1. Create CSV files

To send the personalized message, the CSV file must include:

  • prefix
  •  the telephone number
  •  additional info such as name, surname and more ..

All fields must be separated with commas.

2. Select / create a folder

3. Click the "Import" button

4. Select "Import contacts CSV"

All info is added in the different fields which allows you to create a personalized message with name, surname and other info.

How to import contacts into .txt

1. Create TXT files

2. Select / create a folder

3. Click the "Import" button

4. Select "Import contacts TXT"


to send the message to the imported numbers must make sure that the numbers include the prefix.

If the prefix is not there - double click either in the Prefix field, or in front of the number and write the prefix manually.

To send the personalized message it is necessary to manually add the information in the fields: # tag 1; #tag 2; #tag 3

For example: double click on the line in #tag 1 and write (or pair and paste) the recipient name.

When the address book is ready, click the Save button.

How to send a message.

To send a message use the buttons at the top right.

  1. Send test - message is sent to the test number
  2. Send to selected - message is sent to the selected WhatsApp contact in the space on the left
  3. Send to all - message is sent to all WhatsApp contacts
  4. Stop Send - stop sending
  5. Phone numbers - message is sent to the contacts of the selected folder (drop-down menu - down)

Import contacts from Google Contacts

How to import Google Contacts


  • Address Book
  • Click + icon (top left corner)
  • Create new address book in Contacts - Google Contacts (example)
  • Click the Import button - Select: Import Google Contacts

Import contacts from iPhone

How to Import iPhone Contacts into SendApp

Go - iCloud Contacts

Select all or some contacts by holding down Shift on the keyboard

Menu - Action - Export vCard


  • click icon + (top left corner)
  • create a new address book - iPhone Contacts (example)
  • Click the Import button
  • Select Import iPhone contacts

How to set up a message

Text message

In the box (first on the left) write the text or pair and paste the text.

To personalize the message use #tag 1; #tag 2 and ## tag 3 agree with the info inserted in these tags.

The message is ready.

If you need to save the message, click the + icon (above the first box on the left) and write the title / name of the message.


Message Image

to click Select File (button above the space for image) - add an image from your library.

If it is necessary to attach a caption to the image, it must create a message in the central box:

  • write the text or couple and paste the caption text.

if you need to save the caption text:

  • click on icon + (above central box)
  • write title / name

Sending report

Sending report

Section: Report Sending messages

After sending the message you can get the report of the sending:

  • message sent correctly - the green background with the confirmation: Sent
  • message not sent - the red background with the confirmation: Sending Error (the number is wrong or has no WhatsApp account)
  • message not sent - the gray background with the confirmation: Unsubscribed (the number has been unsigned)

Schedule of sending

How to program sending the message.

Planning section.

Click the + icon (top left): Add Planning

Double click on the date - set the date and time for sending.

Click on the appropriate space and select the contact list, message, (if necessary): caption and image.

Confirm by clicking the Start button.

Warning: to send on the date and time set, the SendApp application must be open on the day set for sending.

Auto reply

Auto Reply Section.

How to set Auto Reply to all incoming messages.

Write a generic message which is used as the reply to all messages entering the box above.

Click on the + icon and name for the group of keywords.

Click on icon: Add Keyword

It opens first line.

Double click on the row - a window opens to enter the keyword and the corresponding answer.

How to acquire customer consents for sending messages

How to acquire customer consents for sending messages. To have the consent of customers to send messages, we create a Welcome message with the request for info.

Click icon: Click to Chat Generator

  • Select country code
  • Add your phone number registered with WhatsApp account
  • Write the welcome message
  • In the second part of Custom Slag you can customize the link
  • Click the Create Link button

The Welcome message can be used as a link, in HTML format or as a QR Code image.

Publish the generated link on social media. By clicking this link, customers automatically request info by contacting through a WhatsApp account.

When the customer (or any person) clicks this link, it is transferred to your whatsapp account and automatically sends the preset message. The message should include the request to be added to your contacts, the request for information, news, etc. By contacting the customer first, he automatically leaves his consent to be contacted. This corresponds to the terms and conditions of use regarding the privacy of WhatsApp.

If the customer has added his name in his WhatsApp account, by importing this new contact in SendApp the mobile number with his name will be added to the address book. In this way it will be possible to send the personalized message to this new customer.

If you have set up automatic reply, a welcome reply, or information, or advertisement will be sent to this message from the new customer.

How to set up the automatic answer: Functions - Instructions for use   - Auto reply

How to create SMS campaign with SendApp

Make a simple registration

After registration, an email arrives with the data for configuration and access to the server:

Welcome to the SendApp SMS Gateway Admin Panel.
Your registration has been confirmed and you now have access to the SendApp SMS Gateway administration panel.
Your login:
Server: xxxxxxx
Email: xxxxx @ xxxxx
Password: xxxxxxx
You need to download the Android app from  and enter the information above to get started. If you don't know how to sideload apps, you can follow the guide in the following link to install the APK file
If you have any questions, contact

You have to follow these directions

  • 1 send your credentials to your android phone via email or Whatsapp or Skype
  • 2 download the Sendapp SMS Gateway app for Android
  • 3 install the app using developer mode
  • 4 open the app and accept all conditions
  • 5 enter your Host, User, Password credentials
  • 6 now open sendapp Desktop and access the SMS panel using the same User credentials, password
  • Click icon API (the last icon on the left)
  • Copy the API key you find by clicking on the last item in the SMS admin and paste it in the Sendapp API key field
  • Write a message in the box above on the right.
  • Press Send Test button (the message is sent to the number in the row alongside on the right)


  • To create a campaign to send SMS messages to your customers:
    • write a message
    • select the contact list
    • press Send to All button

Unsubscribe from the customer

To unsubscribe from any customer, you need to access the Unsubscribe Unsubscribe list.
Paste (or write) the customer's phone number here with the international prefix.
You can also add some information about this unsubscription.

SendApp Connect

SendApp Connect allows you to send automatic notification messages from your WordPress platform to customers and administrator.

  • download and install SendApp connect
  • connect the phone
  • go to the Web Connect section

Use to access the data of server, email and password which were received with the Sendapp activation license.

To test the connection, click the Test Connection button.

Activate the voices: WhatsApp and SMS (above on the left). You can activate either one or both.

To try send test message - click the Test Message button (down the window)

the message will be sent to the test number.

The sending report is shown in the space on the left.

How to connect Wordpress with SendApp

Download and install free SendApp Plugin for Wordpress.

SendApp plugin - Gateway:

  • insert email received with SendApp activation license
  • enter the phone number
  • click Test button to check the connection

SendApp Plugin – Notifications

Here activate the voices WhatsApp, SMS - way to recive the notices by customers and administrator.

Either one or both can be activated.

Write a message to the customer.

This block is displayed in the customer order.

By activating one of the two (or both) the customer will give consent to receive WhatsApp messages and SMS with notifications.

SendApp plugin – Notification

Activate the voices to receive the necessary notifications in the Admin notification block,

Set up notification messages.

To configure admin account:

  • WordPress - Users
  • Administrator - Edit

Set email and the phone number with which SendApp has been connected.

SendApp – Notifications

Enable the necessary notifications for customers and set the default messages for each notification in the Customer Notifications block

to personalize the message click on the item Placeholder list (on the right of the window)

Another window opens where you can copy the entries to personalize the message.

Warning: must be copied from parentheses to parentheses:    {{Wc-product-names}}

How to transfer the Activation License

The SendApp Activation License is transferable.

The software can be installed on multiple computers using license transfer.

How to transfer the License from one computer to another:

  • click icon = (top right) - pop-up menu opens
  • click License Transfer

The window opens to confirm the transfer of the SendApp license to this computer.

To confirm operation - click OK.

Now SendApp can be opened and activated on another computer.

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