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Benefit of using Bulk whatsapp marketing For Small Business

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Whatsapp has always been a number one app for passing messages from one person to another. You can discuss very official to informal matter or information through WhatsApp. However, Whatsapp has now become a platform to do marketing services and small businesses. Moreover, nowadays promotion is the key ingredient for moulding the business to next level,even if it is a small scale or large scale business. So how to get benefits of using Bulk whatsapp marketing For Small Business.

Not only messaging

It is not only like whatsapp is the best platform to share texts with friends and family. Beyond text messages, sharing videos and audios, Bulk whatsapp marketing Services SendApp play a major role in promoting a business through texts, images and even audios. So broadcast messaging is one of the key features of whatsapp messaging.

Targeting Groups

Whatsapp enables creation of groups and this favors the marketers to target groups for marketing their products. One of the useful things is that people find individuals with similar interests in the groups and they can do a discussion of any topic.


Whatsapp enables marketers to do innovative campaigns. So the recipients are asked to share the images while using your products or services or they can even pose in front of the billboard or store. Firstly, by this you can give discount coupons to the clients. Secondly, this will grow the database and increase the business reach.

Great customer support through Whatsapp

As whatsapp have a global reach, it can be a very useful tool for customer support. Moreover, the customers found it more easy to whatsapp message regarding any queries rather than contacting the support numbers or mailing. So customer problems can be easily dealt through this service.

Because of increased use of whatsapp regularly it is much easier for marketers to approach their prospective clients. Whatsapp is changing into an affordable mass communication tool that can be used by small businesses innovatively and creatively.

Bulk whatsapp marketing services have become a wonderful option for the upcoming small marketers to promote their business with great ease through whatsapp. To send the massive sending campaign use SendApp. It permits to send the bulk message to everybody, provided that his number has a whatsapp account.

Boost local business by whatsapp

If you are doing a local business which is confined to a specific geographic area, consider adding whatsapp to online marketing to improve the campaign performance and profit.

Whatsapp is the best tool to send text messages, audios, videos free of cost. So it can work in any software smartphones like iOs, blackberry,symbian,android etc.

Reason why you should include whatsapp marketing in your advertising strategy:

Advertising products:

Whatsapp is not only an application for accessing family and friends. So you can also do advertising through whatsapp. Moreover, products can be promoted through whatsapp group or individuals. So this type of marketing tool is the best way to establish one-to-one communication with the customers.

Low cost:

Local marketers and businesses can send texts, audios, videos without any cost. So Whatsapp only consumes internet charges. Moreover, first year Whatsapp is completely free for every users and businesses. However, after that term $0.99 annual subscription fee is deducted from users.

Distinctive Communication:

It has been found that sometimes the users may not like receiving message through groups. So they find it annoying as the notification pops every time someone sends messages in the group. However, it does not mean that marketers cannot send promotional messages, banners, and videos to individual users. So, Yes, they definitely can. Moreover, this builds a strong relationship with customers.

Quick reply :

Local businesses and marketers can request customers to provide feedback via the WhatsApp messaging feature. Moreover, they can send their queries through WhatsApp to marketers and wait for a quick reply.

To create, schedule and send massive marketing campaign via WhatsApp try SendApp. You will be able to send the message to all your whatsapp contacts and any other external contacts which were imported into Sendapp. So you can send the message to everybody!

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