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Trends for Customer Care Messaging in 2021

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Can’t wait for 2020 to be over? Luckily for you, a new year is just around the corner and we’re already busy analysing what it has in store for us. Trends for Customer Care Messaging. Discover these 6 tips from our messaging CX experts and start 2021 fresh!


Personalization has been a major topic for years now, and with good reason! Customers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer a personalized experience. That’s why in 2021, personalization goes beyond marketing and into every way that customers interact with your business.

Connecting with customers on their favorite channels will be key in 2021. Start conversations on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other popular messaging apps. Not only for customer care, but also for promotions, updates, orders or other personalized messages. Be personal, in every step of their journey!


It’s not the first time you’ve heard of chatbots and this will definitely not be the last. We expect that chatbots will be even more popular in 2021!  Trends for Customer Care Messaging. Not only are they extremely useful in building excellent customer experiences, they also bring tons of benefits to businesses.

Handle simple or repetitive questions, lead generation, collecting customer data, operating 24/7, increased customer engagement … and we’re just getting started! According to our customer database, businesses are looking for chatbot solutions more than ever! And if you take into consideration that chatbots can save operational costs up to 30%, it’s easy to understand why brands see bots as a must-have in 2021.


Data analysis is hot and will continue to be in 2021. You can never have enough data when it comes to customer data. That’s why reporting and analytics in messaging are gaining importance. And if data is the new gold, conversational data  will be the new platinum. Because of messaging, more data can be captured, analysed and used.

Think about frequently asked questions, hot topics, product questions, service concerns,...? All this data can be analysed and put into meaningful reports to make company-wide decisions. Get to know your customers even better in 2021, and build exceptional customer experiences for the future.


Customers expect companies to be available and consistent across all their favorite platforms and channels. Not only do they want support in every step of the way, they want you to know them! Without having to constantly repeat their issue or their customer data when they reach out through a different channel. Your customer data should follow your customer, wherever they go. 

It’s clear that walls between sales, marketing and customer support are coming down. Customers want to interact on many levels! In addition, companies need a unified approach across all channels and a solid integration with their customers CRM data.


During the pandemic, more and more people discovered the road to messaging. And in 2021, they are here to stay! Trends for Customer Care Messaging. We saw volumes in messages rising and we believe they will continue to grow in 2021, as people feel how effortless messaging with businesses can be. Digitalization is going faster than ever, and offline conversations are now often replaced with online messaging.

We’ve also noticed that companies utilize messaging platforms to talk to customers more and more. Rather than creating their own app, they now feel like communicating on these messaging apps is easier, because it’s already on their customers phone.


Data breaches, phishing, cyber attacks … it’s all over the news and it looks like it’s here to stay in the near future. Privacy and security should therefore be on every company’s focus list for 2021. Companies that are serious about privacy should respect their customers and invest in solid solutions.

Not only companies, but also customers are getting more concerned about their data and security. And while data is important, customers should feel like they can trust you and that giving you their data is getting them a personalized experience in return.

Ready for 2021 and beyond?


Want to make sure you’re all set for the future? According to our CX messaging experts, there’s one key trend that we need to keep in mind. Messaging and social media will become a starting point for all engagement and conversations with your customers in the near future. Trends for Customer Care Messaging. If necessary (because of complexity for example) it will be the agent that decides to deflect to voice or video. That’s why Agent Initiated Voice is definitely the new big thing in messaging.

Brands who focus on a messaging-first strategy today are definitely ahead for years to come. Are you already deflecting phones and emails to social and messaging channels? Do you have a seamless handover from bot to human in place? Get ready now, because CX messaging will define the leaders of tomorrow!

Request a demo  and get ready for your future customers today.

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