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Free WhatsApp Bulk Sender

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Software FREE SendApp to send messages Whatsapp in bulk directly from your PC. Free WhatsApp Bulk Sender the best marketing tool and sender of Whatsapp.

Send personalized, advertising and information messages to the contacts of Whatsapp and even more to other contacts with Sendapp is really simple. No technical skills are required: just personalize your message with Texts, Images, Emojis, Videos and Links to create a successful advertising campaign with just a few clicks.

Therefore SendApp allowed to send Whatsapp messages from the PC to all your contacts Whatsapp and even more to any other recipient list imported into SendApp in the following formats: .vcf. csv. txt * Contact Google and Apple.

With Free WhatsApp Bulk Sender - SendApp you can program your marketing campaigns, and surely always be in contact with your customers by sending the automatic reply message, and finally send all your customers the personalized message with the name, surname and others information.

You will receive the sending report to check if your messages reach your customers. So you can schedule and resend the same message only to undelivered contexts. In addition, you can create the automatic response to your customers based on the keyword in the question.

When you need to send mass messages, use our application SendApp Desktop Win and MAC:

SendApp Professional version HERE
SendApp Business version HERE


  • ibrah says:

    whatsapp has its rules regardless if you are in compliance with the GDPR
    for Whatsapp a normal or business user if he sends thousands of messages to numbers not present in your account
    this the whatsapp system detects it as spam.
    whatsapp allows you to communicate with your contacts and add 10 -20 unknown per day
    in practice whatsapp wants the customer to contact the company as it also happens with Facebook sponsorships.

    For this reason, within Sendapp you find the click to chat to create the link to send to your potential customers via SMS, email, soical etc.

    I hope I was clear.

  • Sumit says:

    Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

  • Blyimq says:

    The Business Profile feature is giving businesses a formal presence on WhatsApp, messaging features like greeting messages, quick replies and away messages save time and provide useful information to customers efficiently, and the ability to label chats and contacts keeps businesses organized.

  • Thamur says:

    Customers today don't want to call or email a business - they want to send a message. And since customers are on WhatsApp, businesses need to be too

  • Ramsuch says:

    It is very useful for the chatting with the friends and also useful for the sharing something quick and get best response. I share something of social media links by this in the groups than I get better earning by this. It's very interesting because of groups

  • abhishekkumar says:

    This app help you to chat with your friends family etc the best chatting app ever in world not only chatting you can also send images videos files etc I'm using it from many years I just love this app you can also upload status which appears 24 hrs u can make it to show all of your contacts at a time in the status no need of sending everyone u can use it very efficiently addicted application

  • Thambi says:

    This app very helpfull to me

  • Cliqw says:

    Like !! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

  • Tamu says:

    The bulk WhatsApp sender provides a simple 4-step process for WhatsApp.

  • Emma says:

    I appreciate that Sendapp has a texting function that can be combined with 3rd party applications to improve their ability to help address business needs. Sendapp provides smooth integration, enabling incoming and outgoing SMS communications to and from the app. Using the Sendapp website, we can search the records of which notifications were sent and fail to help the server keep a record of the SMS operation of their apps.

  • Carlos says:

    I am interested in communicating with mis estudiantes

  • RAJAT says:

    Today, the growth and penetration for the WhatsApp application in mobile phones or smartphones in North America, Europe, and Latin American countries are already WhatsApp reached 900 million active users worldwide.

  • bagus says:

    i am interest

  • bagus says:

    i am interest. its good

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  • Emag says:

    Thanks for sharing such a really helpful blog on bulk whatsapp sender. I was looking for this information and landed here and literally this is worth sharing.

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