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Telegram, the real anti-WhatsApp

by June 18 2020No Comments

Faster than WhatsApp, forever free.

The Russian brothers Durov, already creators of Vkontakte, the most popular Russian social network, are the minds behind the nascent (and already very popular) Telegram. The first messaging app that has succeeded in supplanting for many users in the WhatsApp world in no time.

Telegram initially presented itself as a test for the protocol MTProto to become, in a few days, the second most downloaded messaging application in the world.

Taking a quick and in-depth look, Telegram presents itself as the "blue copy" of the most famous competitor allowing its users, in fact, to share messages, photos, videos and geographical location.

The true anti-WhatsApp, however, presents a wide range of options and features that has allowed it to hit the hearts of millions of users worldwide effectively.

What are the substantial differences between Telegram and Whatsapp?

The cost

completely free, as clarified by the authors themselves, who declare that their intent is to create useful applications for non-profit users.

Open API and free protocol

the application is open to all users and all developers who wish to create alternative applications and uses.


Sector in which the competition is clearly winning.

Telegram, in fact, allows the sending of secret and encrypted messages between users who will have the certainty that their conversations will not be kept.

The mobile version was born in conjunction with the desktop version, so much so that WhatsApp itself was forced to develop its own desktop version.

These and many other features were rewarded with around 5 million downloads in its first week of operation.

50 million registered users in the way: data communicated by the same application on its official website.

In short, a real revolution rewarded by users, with the acquisition of WhatsApp, to become the monopolist also in the fast messaging sector.

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