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Nissan x myElefant messaging strategy

by 20 July 2020No Comments

Nissan x myElefant: creating a strategy of mobile messaging for each step of the customer journey

The Japanese company, which is almost one hundred years old, is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance was  the world's leading automotive group in terms of sales in 2017 and 2018 .

The customer life cycle in the automotive sector is long and Nissan is involved in each of these phases. As a result, the Japanese company quickly placed considerable importance on the  local communication methods used by its dealers  to stay in touch with your customers.

In recent years, Nissan has observed a deterioration of the  performance of traditional communication channels . The search for alternative solutions capable of revitalizing customer relationships has therefore become essential for this automotive giant.

Messages for customer relations

With the explosion of smartphone traffic and the development of new formats, Nissan has decided to pose  mobile messaging is at the heart of its customer relationship strategy . This was the starting point for myElefant's collaboration with Nissan Europe!

The target:  design and implement a mobile messaging strategy in Europe for each phase of the customer journey using the myElefant platform.

After a successful POC exercise, myElefant and Nissan have decided to develop a three-pronged strategy to achieve this:

  1. Support Nissan in developing local communications
  2. Set up automatic relationship scenarios via a connection to Nissan CRM
  3. To innovate by trying new mobile messaging channels

The POC phase

In January 2018, Nissan implemented its first use case based on the Rich format from the myElefant platform with the aim of presenting the new Nissan MICRA.

Photos of phones showing RCS messages

The format has been very well received by Nissan customers and the campaign results are convincing. Nissan, together with myElefant, has therefore decided to use the Rich SMS format for three new types of campaigns that meet specific objectives:

  • Campaigns that highlight the latest Nissan innovations. (See above)
  • Personalized promotional campaigns
  • Interpersonal campaigns

Image of laptops showing a personalized campaign

Distribution of local communications

Nissan, in its local communication strategy, also tries to equip its dealers with a messaging platform that allows them to stay in close contact with their customers. This means that 150 myElefant accounts have been opened for their resellers across France.

Each dealer can draw on a catalog of operations that have been approved by central marketing and activate them whenever they want to reach their local customers.

In six months, 200,000 customers received these SMS communications from their dealership.

The CRM connection to extend use cases

Given the extent of Nissan's use of the myElefant solution and the expansion of the range of customer relationship scenarios, myElefant and Nissan have chosen to connect myElefant to the Adobe Campaign platform used by Nissan Europe.

This connection has many advantages including:

  • Use of dynamic and segmented lists in the Nissan CRM. This means that it is no longer necessary to upload customer databases to our platform
  • Upload myElefant campaign performance data directly to Adobe Campaign to take advantage of all the analytical finesse provided by myElefant
  • Automatic campaign distribution. This allows you to automate the sending of communications throughout the customer's lifecycle

Image of a telephone receiver showing RCS messages

This connection made it possible to implement a first scenario which automated the sending of an SMS to indicate the nearest concession for all test applicants. (see photo above)

Messaging at the heart of innovation

Towards predictive campaigns ...

In 2019, and again with the aim of improving the relevance of its content, Nissan plans to take its Rich SMS campaigns to a higher level by making them ultra-personal. The CRM connection, together with analyzes performed by Nissan's predictive marketing service provider, will enable the creation of dynamic and personalized campaign models in the future.

At the forefront of innovation

Parallel to these Rich SMS campaigns and constantly looking for innovation, myElefant, a partner of Google RCS, has approached the Nissan teams to introduce them to this new mobile messaging channel!

Happy with the myElefant experience, strengthened by Google's partnership, Nissan immediately adopted this new format.

This collaboration led to the development of an "after-sales" use case, a pilot presented at the Mobile World Congress 2018, which today allows Nissan to position itself as a pioneer in mobile messaging.

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