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Infallible STRATEGIES to SELL more with WHATSAPP

by 5 March 2021No Comments

In the era of conversational marketing, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular communication methods in the world. People of all ages like to join this new trend that seems to be here to stay. Strategies to sell with Whatsapp.

The 85% of sellers said that WhatsApp is "very important to the sales process" (and that it would be much more difficult to close without it). This means it is already making a huge difference to companies' sales performance.

Part 1: Marketing via WhatsApp is the key to selling more

I'll tell you a little secret. According to a report from Sirena, the 95% of the cellphone numbers that buyers give to sellers are already associated with a personal WhatsApp account. 😲

This means that all of your customers are already there.

Just as you try to make a good impression in the room to close a sale, with these tools you can impress your customers. And it generates more sales.

But WhatsApp is not a call, a visit or a sale ...
The first thing you need to understand is that WhatsApp is not a sales method per se. WhatsApp is a link in the sales chain and you have to use it in conjunction with the rest of your tools in an optimal way.

As we saw in How to Create a Perfect Sales Presentation, top salespeople always take advantage of customer contact to search for the SNS (Sales Next Step). The exact same thing happens in a chat.

WhatsApp helps you find the next step for sales

Let's try an example ...

Let's say a customer logs into your business website first, hits the WhatsApp button, and the seller responds immediately. A few days later, the sales clerk follows through via WhatsApp and talks to the customer about the financing. Subsequently, the salesperson calls them again and is able to schedule a meeting. And finally the seller sends them the information via WhatsApp to remind them of the appointment.


Let's check this example of a car sales rep, we might see something like this:

Lyfecycle whatsapp client


During the sale, the seller contacted the customer 4 times to speed up the closing. On these 4 occasions, the seller found the Sales Next Step that brought him closer to the final resolution: the sale (and their commission, of course

This example helps us understand how WhatsApp is the key that allows a seller to streamline the sales process and move on to the final sale. The important thing is to look for that Sales Next Step that pushes you towards your goal.

Ok, this was a lot of theory! Now we'll see how you can make sure customers prefer you.

Part 2: getting customers to fall in love with you on WhatsApp

There are styling details that will help your customers feel more comfortable and, on the other hand, there are some mistakes to avoid. The goal of this section is to learn a few tricks to make your customers see you as the best option when it comes time to buy. Strategies for selling with whatsapp.

Rule No. 1: never ever send SPAM

You can ignore any other rules. But not this. 😉

WhatsApp, like any other modern messaging service, is set up to detect and block anyone who sends mass advertisements. If you send generic text, visual promotions, or any other message your customer doesn't want, they'll consider you junk mail (also known as SPAM) and block you.

Avoid sending unwanted messages to your customers via WhatsApp, otherwise they will quickly block you and you will miss out on valuable sales opportunities. Use personalized messages that add value for your customer and you will see the difference. Welcome to the real world.

⚠️ This doesn't mean you shouldn't take proactive action to sell on WhatsApp! After all, that's what this is all about.

A meeting reminder, information about a product, or a simple greeting are all steps towards a sale. The important thing is that the customer perceives it as something personal.

And speaking of personality ...

Rule No. 2: avoid running into a robot

Chats are informal and transparent communication tools.

Consider this: Email was probably what you used to communicate with your professors when you were in school. WhatsApp was what you used to talk to your friends and classmates. Do you see the difference?

This means that you need to be warm and open with the customer so that they see you as someone who will be helpful and add value during their purchase.

The best way to do this is to speak to the customer as you would speak to any of your contacts, always remaining respectful. Be friendly, but not too casual.

Also remember that people don't want to read an encyclopedia every time they get a message from you! This is a conversation where the other person needs to feel that you are providing value. Just like you would a friend, send short, relevant messages.

Oh, and I almost forgot… please avoid beginner mistakes: use your real name on WhatsApp (“MICHAEL SALE” or “YOUR BEST PRICE” will make your customers run for the hills 🏃). A real name and surname will make sure your customer doesn't see you as a robot and knows who you are🤖.

People buy from people. 😉

Rule No. 3: use a good photo (a picture is worth a thousand words)

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing one supplier over another is the image they present to the customer. Just like you make a good impression when you sell in person, the same is true in the online world.

By the way… which of the following images do you think would generate better results when you contact a customer via WhatsApp? Strategies for selling with whatsapp.

Your photo will appear on your customers' screens every time you send a message. This means that it is important to use a high quality image that is friendly and real. Ideally smile at the camera. 📸😁

Another common mistake we see is using a photo of a car, pet, or children. Even though it's nice, if you are a seller, please don't. A person who is about to make a purchase wants to see your face so they can trust you.

Unless you want to lose your commission, you need your customer to be able to recognize you, as when he gets to the sales department he'll have to find you and not some other vendor! 😉

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