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Block Anonymous Calls iPhone

by 2 September 2023No Comments

Block Anonymous iPhone Calls in Detail

If you want to delve further into how to block anonymous calls on your iPhone, let's look at the details of the available options:

1. Settings to Block Anonymous Calls

The “Silence Unknown Numbers” feature in your iPhone settings is an effective solution to block calls from numbers not saved in your address book. This option prevents your iPhone from ringing when you receive calls from unknown or unstored numbers.



2. Full Immersion Function (iOS 15 and later)

The Full Immersion feature introduced with iOS 15 offers advanced control over notifications and calls. You can set modes like “Do Not Disturb” to block calls during certain times or situations. It's an effective way to avoid distractions when you need them.

3. Block a Specific Number

If you want to block a specific number, such as a nuisance caller, you can easily do so from your phone's settings. This option is useful if you know the number you want to block.

Find out who calls anonymously in detail

If you want to learn more about how to find out who is calling with an anonymous number, let's explore more details on the options mentioned:



1. Whooming

Whooming is an Italian service that uses call redirection to reveal the real number of those calling with an anonymous number. It works by sending the call through the service, which then displays the number to the recipient. You can consult online guides for detailed information on how to use Whooming.

2. Override

Override is a service offered by telephone companies that can reveal the real number of someone calling from a private or anonymous number. However, this service often incurs additional costs and may have a limited duration.

In conclusion, these options allow you to block them and, in some cases, find out who is behind an anonymous number. It is important to keep in mind that blocking anonymous calls is a useful solution to avoid disturbances, but in the event of harassment or serious threats, it is always advisable to report the problem to the competent authorities to ensure your safety.

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