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Camogli Festival: Artificial intelligence in our lives

by 10 September 2023No Comments

Camogli Festival: Artificial intelligence in our lives

A critical reflection
At the Camogli Communication Festival, artificial intelligence was at the center of the debate. Industry specialists such as Cristiana Castellotti, Andrea Montanari and Luca De Biase have discussed the impact of AI technology on our daily lives. This discussion has become especially pertinent given the current wave of fear and speculation regarding the role of AI in the future.

AI in the News: From Hollywood Strikes to Discrimination

The growing presence of artificial intelligence in the news is undeniable. Andrea Montanari highlighted how the 80th Venice Film Festival was notable not only for the films but also for the absence of American actors and directors. The film industry is on strike over concerns that AI could replace human jobs.

Luca De Biase also exposed the ethical problems connected to AI. Citing experiments in which AI has, based on historical data, perpetuated racial discrimination, De Biase stressed that the technology is not inherently objective.

The Human Side of Technology: Projections and Realities

It's not uncommon for people to project human emotions onto machines. An example is the viral video of Digita, an anthropomorphic robot that collapses after twenty hours of work. De Biase points out that these projections can push people to make extreme statements, such as the idea that AI can replace humanity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform many aspects of our society, from the personalization of services to scientific research and elderly care. However, there are significant risks, including job losses, discrimination and data privacy issues.

The AI Regulation Debate

In Europe, a new regulation on artificial intelligence known as the AI Act is on the way. This regulation will address the risks associated with the use of AI, including those that are considered unacceptable. Andrea Montanari highlights that regulation is particularly crucial today, given the scale and potential impact of AI on democracy.

AI and Education: Beyond Content Delivery

An interesting point was raised regarding the use of AI in education. An Italian professor in Toronto has developed an educational program that uses AI to stimulate critical thinking. Andrea Montanari suggests that the way we use AI can change, moving from a simple request and receipt of responses to a real "relationship" with technology.

The Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence: A Technological Oligarchy?

Finally, there is the question of who will actually benefit from technological advances. There is a risk that only a few large companies will benefit, creating an oligopolistic environment. The issue of diversity is also relevant here; if there is not broad and diverse participation in the creation and use of AI, the results will inevitably be distorted.

In summary, the discussion at the Camogli Communication Festival leaves us with more questions than answers. But one thing is certain: AI is here to stay, and how we choose to interact with it will define our collective future.

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