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Art and Technology in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

by 12 September 2023No Comments

Art and Technology in the Age ofArtificial intelligence

In the enchanting setting of the Court of the Gambalunga Library, two influential thinkers in the world of communication and technology meet for a memorable evening. Sergio Ramazzotti and Mirco Tangherlini will discuss the interaction between art, communication, and artificial intelligence (AI). The meeting, titled “Snapshots on AI,” is not just an event; it is a moment of discovery and reflection on how artificial intelligence is redefining the way we live, feel and communicate.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Communication

Human communication is a subtle and complex art. But in a world increasingly dominated by technology and artificial intelligence, how are the dynamics of communication changing? Chatbots, for example, are already taking on a role in customer service, solving problems and answering questions 24/7. At the same time, recommendation algorithms personalize our experience on social media, to the point of influencing not only our consumer choices, but also our political and social opinions. How do these developments impact the authenticity of our communication?

Emotions and Artificial Intelligence: A Complex Relationship

If emotions were once the exclusive realm of humans, today artificial intelligence is making great strides in the recognition and generation of emotions. Facial recognition applications can now read human expressions and adjust a virtual assistant's responses accordingly. But what does all this mean for the human experience? Are we following a path that will lead us to an emotional symbiosis between man and machine, or are we risking watering down the richness of our emotional experiences?

Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Beyond Traditional Barriers

Art, one of the oldest means of human expression, has not remained immune to the incursion of artificial intelligence. From generating music and paintings via algorithms, to using AI to analyze and interpret works of art, the possibilities seem endless. But is this symbiosis between art and technology really profitable? Can artificial intelligence improve the creative process, or is there a risk of losing that "human" touch that makes art unique and unrepeatable?

Opportunities and Threats: Checks and Balances in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

No technology is free from potential threats, and artificial intelligence is no exception. From algorithmic discrimination to the ethically questionable use of AI in surveillance, the risks are real and growing. However, the opportunities are just as extraordinary. From advances in personalized medicine to the automation of dangerous jobs, AI has the power to improve quality of life on a global scale.

“Snapshots on AI” it is more than just an event. It is a starting point for a dialogue that goes beyond the duration of an evening. In a world where art and technology are increasingly intertwined, we must take the time to reflect on how artificial intelligence will impact our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine. Sergio Ramazzotti and Mirco Tangherlini offer us this opportunity: a moment to stop, think and maybe even dream about the future we are building.

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