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Sendapp SMS Gateway

Create your SMS gateway using your Android phone

Phone as SMS provider

Your android phone will do the hard work of sending SMS. It will do this automatically using the Android application that comes with SMS Gateway. When you send an SMS using the API, it will first be stored in your server, then it will be directed to the application installed on your mobile.

Automatically reply to messages

All the messages you receive on your Android device will be visible in your SMS Gateway admin panel. You can even link your script to reply to the incoming message or run some other command in response to a certain message.

Multiple devices per account

You can use multiple devices per user account, and if your device supports multiple SIMs, you can send messages from any SIM via API or Excel file. This will allow you to send mass messages using multiple devices. If you choose to use all devices, all messages will be split between devices to send messages faster.

SMS Gateway host

Host your SMS gateway on your server. You can use it in your applications using the API (C #, PHP etc.) provided with SMS Gateway. All messages sent using the API will be stored on your server. It will also track the status of all messages.

Use Excel file to send SMS

You can also use excel files to send messages. You can use xlsx, xls, ods or csv files. There should be numbers and messages in the first two columns of the Excel file to do this. If you have any other data in the remaining columns, it will be ignored.

Add new users

Create new users and allow them to use SMS Gateway using their mobile phones. The user created by you can use their mobile phone as an SMS gateway by installing the Android application. As an admin user, you can see all the messages they have sent. You can also limit the number of devices the user can use with their account.

Source code with purchase

With this purchase you will get the complete source code of the admin panel and Android application. It comes with the site license, so you can modify it as you wish and use it on your own server but you can't resell it.

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