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WhatsApp will no longer go on millions of smartphones: here's which ones

If you have one smartphone not very young, be careful. WhatsApp will no longer go on millions of smartphones: here are which

Because since February 2020 the instant messaging application known and used throughout the world will no longer work on some obsolete models. As he explainsIndependent, in fact, various Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices could lose the technological support of Whatsapp at the beginning of the new year if they are not updated accordingly.

And so the app will stop working on millions and millions of phones, as the company itself - owned by Facebook - has announced that the platform will no longer be able to be supported by older mobile phones. The reason? Reasons for safety, of course.

WhatsApp will no longer go on millions of smartphones: here are which: iPhone with iOS 8 or previous operating systems and devices with Android 2.3.7 or earlier. This means, for example, that anyone who has an iPhone 6 and up does not have to worry: WhatsApp will continue to function normally, without any problems. Also mobile Android devices that use a version prior to 2.3.3 - also called "Gingerbread" - no longer know how to support them and for this reason anyone who tries to create a new account from scratch will be blocked in full.

Between l & #8217; other, on Windows Phone the stop will come with New Year: already, because from December 31, 2019, WA will go to block.

It is not the first time that Whatsapp support for older mobile phones ends and he commented on this choice as a difficult decision as necessary for security reasons and to guarantee the effective functionality of the instant messaging application itself: "It is the right choice if we want to provide people with better and better ways to stay in touch with relatives, friends and the people they love. For a better experience, we recommend using the latest version of iOS available on your phones ".

Alarm for WhatsApp. WhatsApp will no longer go on millions of smartphones: here are which

In recent weeks they had written about a flaw in the security systems of the application: a virus capable of taking control of the phone, if it were installed by deception through a malware capable of affecting all the following versions of WhatsApp: Android: version 2.19 .274 or earlier; iOS: version 2.19.100 or earlier; Android Business: 2.19.104 or earlier; Business iOS: 2.19.100 or earlier; Windows Phone: 2.18.368 or earlier.