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WhatsApp Marketing & Segmentation

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WhatsApp Marketing & Segmentation: Turn Conversations into Sales

Conversational marketing on WhatsApp represents a winning strategy. Dividing and profiling your contacts is crucial for effective communications.

WhatsApp: An Ecosystem to Protect

WhatsApp is seen as a safe haven away from spam. Users look askance at messages from unknown numbers. The platform encourages you to keep this space clean and private.

Segmenting Customers: How and Why

Segmentation allows you to personalize communication. It's not just about personal data, but about specific customer interests and preferences. Collecting and sorting this information is essential for a targeted strategy.

Methods for Segmented Sends on WhatsApp

Manual submissions: Free but laborious. Suitable for a few recipients.
Lists broadcast: They allow sending to multiple contacts, but with limitations.
Mass sending software: They offer customization and guarantee delivery. They require an investment.
Official WhatsApp APIs: The best for customization and automation. They involve specific costs but offer infinite possibilities.



Results of Profiled Submissions

With the right strategy, your messages will not only be tolerated but appreciated by customers. It's about receiving communications in line with your needs, which translates into a significant increase in engagement and sales.

Communications become relevant and desired, reporting promotions, reminding appointments or offering personalized products. This approach not only improves customer experience but also increases brand loyalty.

In conclusion

Conversational WhatsApp Marketing, enriched by segmentation, opens new horizons for sales strategies. Becoming a point of reference for your customers is now easier. The key is to communicate the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

SendApp emerges as a valuable tool in this context. It offers the ability to automate and personalize communications, maximizing the effectiveness of conversational marketing on WhatsApp. With SendApp, you can elevate your communications strategy, ensuring targeted messages that precisely address your customers' needs.

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