Add the WhatsApp click to chat feature on a web page

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Add the WhatsApp click to chat feature on a web page

You have created a website and you want integrate a link to be contacted via WhatsApp? There are now so many websites that integrate functionality click to chat of Whatsapp to create, in a simple and immediate way, a direct communication channel with its customers.

In this article I will explain how you can add, within a page HTML, a link to start a chat through the well-known messaging program. For the link to work, of course, it is necessary that WhatsApp is installed on our visitor's device, otherwise the link will not produce effects.

Why insert a click to chat?

Today WhatsApp is one of the most widely used applications in the world to communicate, so offering users of our site the opportunity to contact us through this tool can be an effective way to create a direct connection channel with those visiting our web pages.

WhatsApp offers the maximum immediacy and the possibility of establishing a conversation in real time at any time and without particular constraints: even the website manager, in fact, does not need to be in front of the computer but can interact on the move through the app installed on your smartphone, without running the risk of losing important contacts due to a delayed response.

Today many websites integrate a communication channel through WhatsApp: it is easy, free and it is a mass tool used by practically everyone.

In the continuation of this article I will explain how to insert, within your web page, a simple link to start a chat, with your users, through WhatsApp.

To integrate the click to chat functionality it is sufficient to insert a municipality HTML link to a specific web address provided by WhatsApp where we will have to specify the telephone number through which we wish to be contacted. The link in question must have the following syntax:

To create your link, use https://wa.me/ : where is it  stands for the telephone number in full international format. Do not include any zeros, brackets or dashes when adding the number in international format. For a detailed explanation of the numbers in international format, read this article FAQ.

Please note that this phone number must be associated with an active account on WhatsApp.


Do not usehttps://wa.me/0039-(312)3456789

To create a link with a preset message that will be automatically displayed in the chat text field, use https://wa.me/numeroditelefonowhatsapp/?text=testocodificatourl where is it numeroditelefonowhatsapp stands for telephone number in full international format e testocodificatourl stands for the preset message encoded in the URL.


To create a link that contains only the preset message, use https://wa.me/?text=testocodificatourl


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