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Make messages more attractive with SendApp

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SendApp offers various formatting options to make your messages attractive. You can italicize or bold some parts of your text to emphasize parts of your message. Make messages more attractive with SendApp. To italicize the text, put it between the underscore and to make it bold, put it between the asterisks.

Also remember that you can send GIFs, images and videos along with your text. This can make it more attractive to readers. You can also choose to add emoji to your message, to add an expressive touch.

But never spam your customers with repeated messages! Make sure you type everything you want to convey in a single message, neatly divided into multiple paragraphs, so it's easier to read. Try to keep your content as short and interesting as possible. Make messages more attractive with SendApp.

Benefits and common features of SendApp marketing

  • Professional and very effective method to communicate and reach potential customers with a personalized loyalty program.
  • It can also help your business by sending messages with SendApp mass to contacts Whatsapp and to imported contact lists with unlimited images, videos and characters.
  • In addition, it can create video campaign ads that are worth a thousand words. creating your mass WhatsApp message strategy.
  • Send customized video promotions.
  • If you already have a database of mobile numbers of potential customers, you can take advantage of it by creating promotions and offers.
  • You can send viral images and videos with guaranteed delivery at any time.
  • All messages sent are protected by end-to-end descriptions of your database information.

Other advantages of WhatsApp marketing with SendApp messages

  • Self-managed platform
  • Data security
  • Personalized messages
  • Planning of consignments
  • Personalization of messages
  • Import of contacts in .vcf Google & Apple Contacts, .csv and .txt
  • Report

With the self-managed answer you can send your individual and / or bulk messages using your mobile contact database. You can also check the message opening results through the delivery statistics.

Through the data security, messages are protected by end-to-end encryption

While with i personalized messages all messages are sent to the recipient individually, to send greetings or other messages

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