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WhatsApp breaks new records 

by June 18 2020No Comments

WhatsApp encryption: "an indestructible digital block"

Whatsapp has ensured that the protection of personal data will always be held in high regard in the future. And in the meantime it continues to break records

Whatsapp breaks new records and continues to focus on the security of its application. The messaging application has achieved a new goal: it is used by more than two billion people around the world, much more than Telegram, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. And the credit goes to the many features that have been added over time and the security of the platform. Although it is said, WhatsApp is among the safest applications in the world.

Much of the credit goes to the use of end-to-end encryption, a technology that protects the messages you send to users and makes them private. Nobody can read them, not even the WhatsApp developers. And in the coming years, ever higher standards will be guaranteed. Because as said by the same application "as users grow, so does the need for protection". Protection that can only be ensured with targeted investments and the use of the best security technologies.

WhatsApp, two billion users around the world

With a post on the official blog WhatsApp announced that he had broken another record: they are two billion users who use the application every day. The application is now used for many different purposes: the main one is to send text messages to your friends and get in touch with new people all over the world, but images, videos, work documents are also sent to the platform. And with WhatsApp Business it is also possible to grow your own company. But security and data protection remains the main mission of the application.

WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption protects

In an increasingly interconnected world it is complicated protect user data. A little distraction is enough to leave a window open for a hacker. For this reason the application uses the strong encryption to protect and make user conversations private. As explained by the WhatsApp technicians: "Strong encryption acts as an indestructible digital lock that keeps information sent on WhatsApp safe, helping protect you from hackers and criminals. Messages are only stored on your phone and no one else can read what you write or listen to your calls, not even us. Your private conversations remain between you. "

And in the future things will not change, quite the contrary. Investments in security will continue to increase to meet the new challenges of the Internet. Whatsapp  will never compromise on the security and protection of users' personal data.

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