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WhatsApp, here is the new function to block spam

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WhatsApp, here is the new function to block spam.

Whatsapp has introduced a smart feature that can block spam without reading users' messages. Here's how it works

Spam, as we all know, spares no one. We are continually harassed by advertisements and other messages that can sometimes be dangerous to our data. Whatsapp has taken the field developing an advanced system against this annoying practice.

This is an algorithm that, according to a messaging app engineer, allows block spam without reading the content of user conversations. The system is activated when it realizes that one of the subscribers sends the same message repeatedly. Therefore, the struggle of the company acquired by Facebook to make the green logo application safer. Despite the allegations. Recently, in fact, WhatsApp has jumped to the burden of the news due to an article published by the Guardian according to which a bug in the encryption system end-to-end would jeopardize user data.

How WhatsApp anti spam works

WhatsApp's anti-spam system is based on several elements. As seen, the algorithm becomes suspicious if a user sends the same message continuously. But not only. It also analyzes a set of data that obviously includes the telephone number as well. In fact, the feature will search the database if the account matches one of the contacts that users previously reported as spammers. The author of the message will now be blocked immediately. The algorithm also examines other information about the Internet Service Provider used to send the insidious content.

War against hackers and spammers
WhatsApp will no longer go to millions of smartphones

WhatsApp, being one of the main messaging applications, it is almost "normal" that it is targeted by hackers and spammers. However, the company did not stand by, developing end-to-end encryption first, then double authentication, and finally the anti-spam algorithm. A tough war which however allowed for protect user data.

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