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Telegram and protected video calls

by June 24, 2020No Comments

Telegram promises to introduce group video calls with maximum security for users by 2020.

Because there are still no video calls on Telegram

Always Telegram has made safety its distinctive and strong point. In fact the messaging app protects users' messages with both end-to-end encryption for any external eyes, both with more specific functions such as the secret chats or self-destructing messages, access passwords and more. Practically Telegram is an app that from the very beginning has focused on protecting the privacy of its users.

Obviously, therefore, that even video calls must be safe and protected to the maximum, in fact we are talking about "Secure group video calls". Obviously, to be able to offer this function in the safest way it takes more time and study on the app.



Obviously we mainly refer to the most popular messaging and video calling apps such as WhatsappZoom is Houseparty. These are certainly excellent applications for the purpose for which they were born, but certainly in recent times they have proven not to be exactly the best in security. Zoom, for example, was widely criticized during this quarantine period for its security flaws.

Distance learning

While waiting for video calling to be introduced, you can have fun with the new features. THE Quiz for example they have been improved: there is, in fact, the possibility of adding explanations to the answers after the user has answered the questions. This option can also be used for didactic and informative purposes.

THE Quiz

are achievable with "QuizBot”And then they can be enriched with a timer which indicates the remaining time within which to give the answer. This could also be an excellent solution for students and teachers who have been forced to carry out distance learning for some time now. In addition, the application has created (always interesting for teachers and students) a test list to help schools continue their distance learning.

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