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The best marketing tools

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The best marketing tools:

The best marketing tools: choose the right WhatsApp business solution;

IS Since its launch ten years ago, WhatsApp has transformed the way friends and relatives communicate with each other. The speed of communication, the ability to view the status of others on the network, and the ability to quickly send messages via text, voice or other media were all advantages that were difficult to resist. Now, thanks to the WhatsApp Business app and the WhatsApp Business API, companies enjoy the same advantages in being able to interact better with customers. WhatsApp must simply be considered as one of your company's best marketing tools.

The question is, how do you decide if the app or Business API is suitable for your brand? We have analyzed what you need to consider before making this decision.

We could tell you that 60 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every day, in 180 countries. Or that the app has 1.5 billion active users per day.

While these numbers are undeniably impressive, it's actually about changing consumer habits and how chat apps connect perfectly with this. Chat commerce, the intersection of messaging apps with purchases and transactions, is rapidly taking off in the banking, telecommunications and entertainment sectors. The modern digitally connected consumer has a lot to track and simply doesn't want to:

  • Being forced to visit businesses in a physical store
  • Spend time waiting on the phone for a customer service consultant
  • Be limited on where and how they can buy products or services

WhatsApp Business is able to solve all these customer weaknesses.

Released for the first time in January 2018, the WhatsApp Business app is a perfect free download app for small businesses. The app simplifies engagement with customers. Initially available only for Android devices, the WhatsApp Business app started launching on iOS in March of this year.

For business owners who were already using their personal WhatsApp number to interact with customers, the app offers the following features to make this process much easier:

  • Company profile. Business owners can create a unique and professional company profile with details such as the company's website, contact information and location.
  • Analysis of the messages. Small businesses can use the app to track the amount of messages sent and read, providing valuable insight into the performance of specific campaigns.
  • Automated responses. This feature allows you to save the answers to the questions that most customers tend to ask, saving time. Responses can also be sent automatically when you are busy and unable to respond immediately.
  • Chat labeling. This useful feature allows you to classify chats. For example, new customers may be grouped, which means that the interactions for those customers will be different.

WhatsApp Business should be one of the best tools marketing

These benefits for small business owners explain why the WhatsApp Business app has proven so useful. For companies, the biggest advantage is the ability to offer personalized support to their customers, exponentially increasing brand loyalty. For customers, the WhatsApp channel is the quickest and easiest way to track orders or record requests, canceling the need to call a company on the phone or wait for an answer via email.

Examples of use cases: WhatsApp Business App

  • Leco, an eye care company, uses WhatsApp Business to improve communication between customers and optical specialists: up to 75% of sales are said to be finalized via WhatsApp
  • Nails Bryss, a beauty salon in Mexico, sees the 95% of appointments booked through WhatsApp

Of course, not all companies are small with easily manageable messaging volumes. For medium and large companies, especially those with a global customer base, a more robust product of the WhatsApp Business app will be needed: enter the WhatsApp Business API, introduced in August 2018.

With higher messaging volumes comes the need for automation, easy integration with existing communication platforms and rapid resizing capabilities. These are just some of the benefits of the WhatsApp Business API.

To gain access to the WhatsApp Business API, you will need to go through an approval process that demonstrates the use case of your business through a authorized WhatsApp business solution provider like Clickatell. Once approved by WhatsApp, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Secure end-to-end messaging
  • Detailed statistics and analytical reports
  • Fully managed verification, approval and onboarding
  • Complete management of the company profile, technological integration, infrastructure and storage services

Why do I need to go to an authorized solution provider? With WhatsApp's efforts to ensure a secure environment in which transactions can take place and maintain consumer confidence, access to the Business API is subject to a complete approval process. This means that when customers have the opportunity to reach a brand on WhatsApp, they are sure to interact with a verified company.

The main global brands have already found great success in using WhatsApp to communicate with their customer base.
  • Uber uses WhatsApp for drivers who need a quick and reliable means of answering their questions.
  • The travel sector, where timely information is essential, is perfect for WhatsApp. Singapore Airlines uses WhatsApp for customers who require quick and convenient support. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines allows customers to receive flight information and documents via WhatsApp.
  • The banking sector is another factor responsible for WhatsApp for the improvement of customer service and the ability of customers to carry out transactions on the channel. Absa Bank in South Africa, the UBA Banking Group based in Nigeria and Stewards Bank in Zimbabwe are all examples.
  • MTN South Africa, one of the leading telecommunications providers, has also successfully entered the chat space on WhatsApp, allowing customers to easily purchase data packets and airtime via the channel.

Being one of the main marketing tools of your brand, it is easy to understand why WhatsApp Business can improve the customer experience. Depending on the size and specific requirements of your business, you will need to decide between the app and the business API.

Either way, allowing customers to send messages to your business on an app they are already familiar with is an excellent driver for increasing brand loyalty in a market that craves convenience and which entrepreneur would say no?

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