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Whatsapp Web: incredible tricks that nobody knows

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Whatsapp Web: incredible tricks that nobody knows

Whatsapp Web is a service highly appreciated and used by numerous users, but not everyone knows some functions / tricks.

The instant messaging platform Whatsapp it is one of the most used applications in the world precisely because it allows quick and easy communication not only from your smartphone; but also from your tablet and / or pc. Users who use the application on their device can communicate with other people using the online platform Whatsapp Web.

To access it, just have your smartphone handy and scan the QR code; so you can see a screen with all the conversations. It is a service appreciated and used by many users, especially because it is convenient for those who have to carry out operations on the PC and they don't want to open their smartphone when each message arrives. Apparently, however, many have not focused on the incredible functions that the web service allows. Whether to connect SendApp Desktop version with WhatsApp Web using QR code you can create a text, image, audio, video, pdf and link message to send it to all your WhatsApp contacts and any other contacts imported into the SendApp. You can schedule sending the message and you will receive a sending report once the message is sent.

Whatsapp Web: there are numerous functions available and some are not known

As previously mentioned, the configuration of Whatsapp it is quite simple and fast thanks to the scan of the QR code. Users who use this service can even send voice notes directly from your pc if the latter has a microphone.

The desktop version also allows you to optimize the audio of the voice notes received and speed up listening by installing the extension Zapp on Chrome. The functions are also there for other multimedia content such as photos and videos because, for example, with Whatsapp Web and SendApp Desktop you can transfer files quickly and easily.

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    Happy to allow better experience to our users over WhatsApp. Response rates are great. I can also send our product related notifications on whatsapp.

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