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Instagram Marketing 2020 + Neuromarketing

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Instagram Marketing 2020

Instagram is constantly evolving and what worked even just a year ago, unfortunately, is not replicable today.

The target of this book is to explain you the right method, updated to 2020, to be successful with the marketing on Instagram.

We will see together in detail all the tools and strategies implemented every day by best marketers to the world, identifying the advertising campaign best suited to your company's needs.

Can you think for a moment what would happen if yours today brand had the maximum notoriety, the incredible effects it would have on your audience and how would it benefit your business?

This guide will offer you more methods effective for customer loyalty, through:

  • Creating one Visual storytelling;
  • The development of a Content Strategy successfull;
  • The proper use of IGTV;
  • The development of a sales funnel through Instagram Shopping;
  • The creation of advertising campaigns targeted for your audience;
  • The development of innovative content, using the collaboration of Influencer capable of positively influencing your brand;
  • A wise choice of Hashtags;
  • How to create a successful corporate Instagram profile;
  • How to best relate to yours public;
  • The most suitable techniques for a persuasive copywriting;
  • How to monitor the results obtained and carry out a thorough analysis of the ROI;
  • The generation of Leads;
  • ... so much more!

All strategies contained in this book refer to the latest version of the Instagram App (143.0) of May 2020




What affects ours choices during a purchase?

What leads us to take certain decisions?

You are an entrepreneur and you are wondering how to increase sales?

Several researches have been carried out on this and we finally have concrete answers.

Over the years the way of advertising has changed and the Neuromarketing is the best tool for communicating with clients and prospects.

It is thanks to this powerful method that the largest companies manage to to convince people to perform a certain action.

Thanks to the studies carried out, it was understood how there are strategies to target emotions of people and induce them to purchase a certain product or use a certain service.

Thanks to this guide you will learn:

  • … what is the neuromarketing and how to use it;
  • ... the marketing integrated with neuromarketing;
  • … What convinces people to buy a product;
  • … what are the persuasive levers and how to use them to induce customers and potential customers to make a purchase;
  • … The possible ones fears of the consumer and how to manage them;
  • … I persuasive methods used by large companies and the most famous brands;
  • … And much much more!

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