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How to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp

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How to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp

Yes, there are several methods used to recover deleted WhatsApp messages; ranging from simple use of automatic backup to restore messages deleted by mistake; to real applications dedicated to recovering messages deleted by the sender.
Let's find out more by analyzing the different solutions for restore WhatsApp chats.

Before starting to recover a deleted message

If you are looking to recover deleted WhatsApp messages; you should know that, even if there are specific applications, these only work for the conversations that have taken place after installation of the above.
Furthermore, it is recommended not to use WhatsApp as soon as you discover a deleted message to recover, avoiding overwriting of the messages.

Recover deleted messages on Whatsapp with backup

When using a technological device, one of the first operations to do is certainly to set up an automatic backup function.
Unfortunately, most of the time we only remember the backup when it is too late and we have run into a situation of no return at least once.

The same goes for WhatsApp and for its precious conversations which, as is well known, become the custodians of thoughts, confidences, chats, but also important business conversations.

Fortunately, we can activate the automatic backup of our conversations through tools, as in the case of Google Drive on an Android device; deals with backup WhatsApp chats every day to keep them safe.

If you have accidentally deleted important messages, don't worry: in seconds; you will reread what was written by means of a "restore" of the data stored from the backup.
In detail, just uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it by logging in to the same Drive account; an available backup will be recognized immediately and all saved conversations can be restored.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

Let's now talk about how to recover WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender, and specifically for those who use an Android device.

To succeed, you will need a few things, namely:

  1. Your smartphone;
  2. An available connection;
  3. The right application.

WhatsRemoved +

The first application to understand how to recover i messages Whatsapp deleted without backup; on Android it is truly a marvel: it's called WhatsRemoved + and it manages to trace not only text messages, but also files, voice notes, images and photos.

WhatsRemoved + weighs only 2.14 megabytes, We install it in seconds: after the operation is complete, we will configure the application permissions.
To make WhatsRemoved + work and recover deleted WhatsApp messages; you must give consent to the application that will ask to access the system warning you of the potential ability to read your personal information.

Once the initial configurations have been completed, and you have chosen whether to choose to try to retrieve any type of message or just some types, as soon as you receive a message on WhatsApp which will then be deleted by the sender, you can review it from WhatsRemoved + which will notify you with a practical notification .

By opening WhatsRemoved + and checking the deleted messages section you will be able to view the one that has disappeared from the chat.

WhatsRemoved + can also be useful for you to recover deleted messages from Telegram, Facebook, Messenger or Instagram.


The second application that will help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages is called Notisave, and it does nothing but record all notifications and related previews that arrive on your smartphone.

Also for Notisave it is necessary to give the appropriate access permissions, but immediately afterwards it will be able to read all the phone notifications and store them in a convenient chronology.

Notisave works even if you haven't read the deleted message yet on WhatsApp: when you receive new messages in the famous application, they will be immediately recorded in Notisave.
If you should see the notice "This message has been deleted”, You can check in the chat section of Notisave and find out what the deleted message contained.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup on iPhone

As for Android, even to trace lost WhatsApp messages from an iPhone you can use the classic system of restoring a recent backup on iCloud: just reinstall WhatsApp and choose the desired backup.

If this is not possible, you can resort to dedicated applications such as iMyfone D-back iPhone data recovery, a service that will only recover deleted data from the iPhone, including messages deleted in WhatsApp conversations.

iMyfone D-back will allow you to recover deleted text messages, but also photos, videos, and voice notes, allowing you to select only what you want to recover.


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