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Instagram prepares for Clubhouse-style audio rooms

by 8 March 2021No Comments

Clubhouse's recent surge in popularity shows that voice-based interactions are the future of social networking. Clubhouse is currently limited to iOS and you can only access it if another user invites you. Seeing this as a potential opportunity, social media giants including Facebook and Twitter are working on their own adaptations for a wider audience. While Twitter Spaces is already in the testing phase, we have learned that Facebook is also working to bring live audio rooms to the Instagram app. In addition to audio rooms, Instagram is also working to enable end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in chats.

Instagram prepares for Clubhouse-style audio rooms

Instagram Live is already a popular means for creators to interact with their followers. In addition to that, Instagram recently rolled out Live Rooms, allowing anyone going live to add up to three more users. In line with this, Instagram also appears to be working on live audio rooms where a host can add a group of other users during the live audio session. Instagram audio like Clubhouse. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots of the Instagram feature under development on his Twitter account.

In one of the screenshots, we see a microphone icon next to the regular camera icon that usually appears during live video sessions. Paluzzi hasn't shared any details about Instagram's live audio rooms functionality, but the placement of the microphone icon right next to the camera icon suggests that Instagram could integrate audio and video live rooms. Instagram prepares for Clubhouse-style audio rooms.

Facebook's intention to clone Clubhouse was first reported last month. In his ad of Live Rooms, Instagram also confirmed that it is "exploring more interactive tools such as offering moderator controls and audio features that will be available in the coming months." Instagram prepares for Clubhouse-style audio rooms. While the sound room functionality is relatively new, the app is also set to get a feature that was reportedly first commissioned at least two years ago.

Facebook + Instagram + Messenger

Facebook began unifying chats from Instagram and Messenger last year. This way by allowing users to use one of the two apps to connect with contacts on the other. The aforementioned unification first ordered by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg in January 2019. The plan to integrate Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp chats into a single messaging platform. Instagram audio like Clubhouse. Zuckerberg also said the need to implement end-to-end encryption in all of its messaging apps, a feature currently limited to WhatsApp.

Although Facebook has introduced endangered messaging under the Vanish mode. Recently announced for privacy reasons, end-to-end encryption adds a layer of security to chats. To prevent anyone other than users from interpreting communications even if they are intercepted. It is suggested that this feature is being developed by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who has not shared any further information about it.

Features are currently under development and are not available to users. We will add more details as we become aware of them.

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