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Facebook Newsroom during Covid-19

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Facebook Newsroom to help small businesses thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic through personalized ads. Small businesses like restaurants and mini-stores have hardly been affected by the coronavirus pandemic since last year. As a result, many owners are forced to switch to selling online and then use personalized ads.

There is no guarantee that small businesses would be able to survive for the next few months, but Facebook decided to create Facebook Newsroom to help them thrive in the toughest problem of the moment.

Small businesses suffered the most during the COVID-19 pandemic

Facebook Newsroom to Help Small Businesses Thrive During Pandemic Through Personalized Ads

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Facebook Newsroom is useful in small businesses. In a 2020 report by Facebook titled “A Challenging Year for SMBS - Facebook & Small Business Roundtable,” over 47% of owners who have small businesses said they have no idea if they can survive in the next six months.

This is because this time around the restrictions on the sale have become very distant and the consequences of the blockade continue to blow, forcing the owners to adapt according to the situation.

In truth, what happened to them is just one of the harsh realities everyone has been dealing with right now. To ease the struggle for small business owners, Facebook came up with the idea of introducing personalized ads for all people, especially those who run franchises and services. Facebook Newsroom during Covid-19.

“Good ideas deserve to be found,” a nationwide campaign by the company that aims to raise awareness and global solutions in the looming collapse of many businesses, said having personalized ads is very important in recognizing owners in need.

Andrew Stirk, Facebook company's marketing manager and director of Facebook app monetization Helen Ma, led the small roundtable discussion in the newsroom on February 24.

Several small business owners shared their stories, including CRM Essentials co-founder Brent Leary. His company is focused on improving small business sales, customer service and marketing.

According to Leary, people have a lot more to learn at the conference. The meeting, however, only got more challenging due to the noise. Eventually, he reminded listeners that personalized ads can definitely capture the interest of small business owners.

The importance of personalized ads for small businesses

In a report of Small Business Trends, Leary told business owners that Facebook Newsroom ads will give them the upper hand to turn the problem into an opportunity. He added that Facebook's campaign is just the beginning as the company is reportedly adding the Recovery Race, the simpler version of Ads Manager.

In this dashboard, business owners will have a great understanding of optimizing their campaigns. Furthermore, the aforementioned tool is also used for generating ads from Instagram, Messenger, and other social media messaging apps. Facebook Newsroom during Covid-19.

Through Checkout on Shops, owners can purchase it for a small fee when they want to sell goods and services on Facebook. The aforementioned functionality will be available until June.

On the other hand, it will also meet owners' requests to launch paid online events. It will end in August of this year.

Facebook has also come up with a way for owners, particularly those who have restaurants, to upload their menu to their respective pages. The type of dining experience will also be added to the function.

Meanwhile, Leary said personalized ads are "green light" for small business owners. He believed that what Facebook thought was something that will not only help struggling companies survive. They could also take advantage of its small cost by using simple tools to extend their service to their customers.


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