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App to record iPhone calls

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Best Apps to Record Calls on iPhone

There are numerous apps that allow you to record calls on iPhone. Let's see some of the most popular and functional ones.

TapeACall: A Reliable Classic

TapeACall is one of the most popular apps for recording calls on iPhone. It works with both incoming and outgoing calls and uses the three-way calling feature offered by telephone operators. It is free for the first 7 days, after which it requires a subscription starting from 4.99 euros per month. To install it, just search for it on the App Store and follow the instructions for registration and activation. Once installed, the app is very intuitive and will guide you through the call recording process.

REKK Call Recorder: Advanced Features

REKK is another notable app that also offers call transcription. It is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface. Like TapeACall, this app also uses the three-way calling function and requires a subscription, the costs of which start from 4.99 euros per week. Setup is simple and similar to that of TapeACall, and once installed, you can access your recordings and also share them easily.

Super Call Recorder: A Mix of Functionality and Simplicity

Super Call Recorder is an option you should seriously consider. This app records both incoming and outgoing calls without time limits. Please note, this app also requires your carrier to support three-way calling. The app is free for a 7-day trial; thereafter, it will cost you 4.99 euros for a period of three months.

To get started, go to the App Store and follow the download and installation instructions. Once you open the app, a short tutorial will walk you through the main features. After selecting the subscription plan you prefer, enter your phone number to complete registration and start recording your calls.

To record an outgoing call, start the call as usual and then return to the app to enable recording. The same process applies to incoming calls. Eventually, you'll find all your recordings in the “Recordings” section of the app.

Free Options to Record Calls on iPhone

If you're looking for free call recording alternatives, here are some apps that might interest you.

Call Recorder – Int Call: The Pay-per-Use

Call Recorder – Int Call is an app that allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls. However, it works on a pay-per-use model. You can download it for free, but you will need to purchase prepaid credit or a subscription to use the recording features.

Cally: A Recorder Without Limits

Cally allows you to record and listen to calls without duration limits. The user interface is intuitive and the app is easy to use. Even though the download is free, to use all the functions you must sign up for a subscription, with prices starting from 2.99 euros.

CallRec Lite – IntCall: 60 Seconds Free

This app offers a free option that allows you to listen to only the first 60 seconds of recorded calls. For full access, you will need to make in-app purchases, with prices starting from 1.99 euros.

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