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Microsoft event: 21 September

by 4 September 2023No Comments

Microsoft Event: Preview of Hardware News for September

Microsoft recently announced a “event special” which will be held on September 21st in New York. Although specific details have not been revealed, everything suggests that this is the autumn Surface event, traditionally dedicated to the launch of new hardware products. Below, we will look at possible new features that could be presented during this event.

Surface Laptop Studio 2: Hardware Updates Coming

One of the products that could receive an update is the Surface Laptop Studio 2. This laptop is expected to undergo a hardware refresh with the inclusion of latest generation Intel processors and cutting-edge NVIDIA video cards. Some improvements could also be made to the ports and features, while keeping the design, form factor and main materials unchanged.

Surface Laptop Go 3: A New Entry-Level Update

Another possible novelty is the Surface Laptop Go 3, which represents the entry-level option in the Surface line. This laptop may receive a hardware update with new 12th Generation Intel Core chips. However, it is important to note that there may be an increase in the price of access, as the cheapest hardware configuration is likely to be eliminated.

Surface Go 3s: Lightweight Update for the 2-in-1 Base Range

The Surface Go 3 may also receive a slight update. Initially, the launch of the Surface Go 4 based on ARM processors was planned, but it seems that this has been postponed or even cancelled. In its place, we may see a variant called “Surface Go 3s” or “Surface Go 3+”. This device is expected to maintain the same design as the previous year, but with the addition of updated processors.

Remaining Surface Line Products and Accessories

So far, no detailed information has emerged regarding updates or new models for other products in the Surface family, such as the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and Surface Studio. There is speculation that the Surface Laptop may not even receive any hardware refreshes. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see whether Microsoft decides to further focus on Surface accessories and peripherals, such as keyboards and mice, as previously announced.

While waiting for the event on September 21st, enthusiasts and users of Microsoft devices are eagerly awaiting the new features that will be presented. The event could prove to be a showcase for the innovations and improvements that Microsoft has in store for its range of hardware products.

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