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How to Make a Video Message on Whatsapp

by 5 September 2023No Comments

Video messages on WhatsApp: New Dimension of Communication

The video messages on Whatsapp they represent the latest innovation in the panorama of chat interactions. This feature is proposed as an evolution of voice messages, introducing the possibility of recording and sending short videos directly in conversations. The global introduction of video messages will take place progressively in the weeks to come. Let's find out together how they work and how to make the most of them in your chats, both individual and in groups.

Video messages: An Evolution of Communication

The natural question might be: “What differentiates video messages from existing options?” The key is immediacy. With a simple tap on the camera icon (accessed via a short tap on the voicemail microphone icon), you can record a video directly within the chat, without having to open the camera interface. This experience recalls the simplicity of voice messages. The maximum duration is 60 seconds and the video will be displayed in circular format. A green timer runs around the circumference of the video to indicate its duration. Like voicemails, you can stop recording by swiping up. Video messages can be sent both in single and group chats. When you receive a video message, it will initially play without sound. A tap on the clip will activate the audio, in line with the experience offered by Telegram video messages, which have already been present for some time.

Time and Graduality: The Dissemination of Video Messages

The wait for this new feature will soon be satisfied. According to what was communicated on the official WhatsApp blog, the roll-out of video messages will take place gradually over the next few weeks. To fully enjoy this innovation, we recommend that you always keep your applications updated on Android and iPhone. It is important to note that video messages consume more data. So if you have a limited data plan or are roaming abroad, it's a good idea to moderate your usage to avoid surprises.

New Dimension of Communication: Video messages on WhatsApp

In conclusion, video messages on WhatsApp represent a step forward in digital communication. This feature enriches conversations with a touch of immediacy and personality. With a simple gesture, you can capture moments, express emotions and share content in an engaging format. Stay updated and prepare to make the most of this new mode of interaction in your chats on WhatsApp.

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