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Apple Against ChatGPT

by 7 September 2023No Comments

Apple Against ChatGPT

The arrival of advanced chatbots has catalyzed an acceleration in investment in the field of conversational artificial intelligence. Apple, for example, is investing millions of dollars per day to stay ahead of the curve in this critical arena

Apple's Futuristic Plans

A team at Apple has been working on an ambitious project for four years. They want to create AI that not only converses but also executes complicated voice commands. The intent is to surpass the capabilities of the current Siri assistant through innovation.

Siri vs ChatGPT: Which Will Be More Advanced?

Apple has revolutionary features in store for Siri. Imagine creating and sharing a GIF of your latest photos with a simple voice command. And this is just a small taste of what we could expect from the future version of Siri.

iOS 18: The Dawn of a New Era

Inside sources suggest that the release of iOS 18 will see a completely revamped Siri. This new version will be able to perform multiple actions through single voice commands, thus changing the way we interact with our iPhones.

Ajax: Apple's Gamble

But Siri isn't the only project Apple is working on. The company is also developing a proprietary framework called Ajax. With over 200 billion parameters, it aims to be more powerful than even ChatGPT 3.5.

Natural Language Processing

These technologies make use of machine learning and natural language processing. The goal is to mimic human interactions, recognize voice and text commands, and interpret meaning in different languages.

Why is this race so crucial?

Dominating the conversational AI sector will mean setting the technological agenda for the coming decades. With massive budgets already allocated, Apple is determined to lead this transformation in the relationship between man and machine.

What Can We Expect, Apple vs. ChatGPT?

The upcoming innovations promise to be amazing. And with so much at stake, we can only expect that competition in this industry will remain fierce.

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