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Metaverse: The Strategic Moves of Meta and Apple

by 8 September 2023No Comments

Metaverse: The Strategic Moves of Half and Apple

After a period of stagnation, it looks like things are finally heating up. Two technology giants, Meta and Apple, are ready to bring significant innovations to the sector. While Meta is about to launch its highly anticipated Quest 3 headset, Apple is preparing to unveil its first virtual reality accessory, RealityPro.

Meta and the Future of Virtual Reality with Quest 3

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is poised to advance the virtual reality industry with the launch of its new Quest 3 headsets. Journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg had the opportunity to test a prototype and his feedback was positive . The new visors are designed to be lighter and less bulky, with less use of plastic and greater use of textile materials.

From a technical point of view, the headsets offer significant improvements. The cameras have been adjusted to provide a more immersive experience, allowing users to view their surroundings without having to remove their headsets. Furthermore, new depth measurement technologies promise to make digital worlds even more realistic.

Apple Gets Into the Game with RealityPro

While Meta seems ready to consolidate its presence in the virtual reality market, Apple is not far behind. With the WWDC 2023 developer conference just around the corner, the anticipation around RealityPro's unveiling is palpable. Mark Gurman suggests that Apple intends to position the RealityPro as a revolutionary device in the world of gaming.

Further clues about the direction in which Apple may be moving have emerged from recent tweets from Sean Murray, founder of the development company Hello Games. Observers believe Murray's use of apple-themed emoticons could be a harbinger of No Man's Sky's launch on RealityPro. This space simulation video game was originally developed for PlayStation 4 and PC and has already demonstrated the potential of Apple's new M1 processor on updated Macs.

The Implications for the Future of the Metaverse

These developments from Meta and Apple are not only a sign of vitality in the metaverse industry, but could also represent a turning point for the industry as a whole. With the launch of cutting-edge hardware and the potential release of flagship titles, the metaverse looks poised to become even more immersive and engaging.

In summary, while the Metaverse has had relatively slow growth in recent months, Meta and Apple's next moves could be exactly what the industry needs to reignite enthusiasm and push the limits of what is technologically possible. With more advanced hardware and engaging video game titles, the metaverse is set to enter a new era of growth and innovation.

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