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Nasser Al-Khelaifi's Words on the WhatsApp Incident

by 8 September 2023No Comments

Nasser Al-Khelaifi's Words on the WhatsApp Incident

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the president of Paris Saint-Germain, used the platform of the 30th General Assembly of the European Club Association (ECA) to touch on a sensitive and controversial topic. He evoked the chaos that has engulfed the organization in 2021, in particular mentioning one key moment: the numerous exits from the ECA board's WhatsApp group.

A Critical Moment in the ECA Assembly: The WhatsApp Group

The president said he initially thought his phone had been hacked when he saw the mass exits from the messaging group. But beyond the initial surprise, Al-Khelaifi underlined how the institution remained strong and united in the face of this crisis. Once the moment of tension was overcome, the clubs returned to actively contributing to the organisation, more than ever.

ECA's Future Goal: A More Inclusive and Efficient Organization

Looking to the future, Al-Khelaifi outlined an ambitious vision for the ECA. According to him, the goal will be to raise our gaze and aim high, with a "sky without limits". He announced that the ECA will have an expanded Council and a new Executive Committee, which will be “more representative, powerful and efficient than ever”.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the association will have a more inclusive approach, extending its representation not only to clubs playing in European tournaments, but also to other clubs. This demonstrates a desire to broaden the reach and impact of the ECA in the global football landscape.

Conclusions: The ECA in a New Post-Crisis Era

In conclusion, Nasser Al-Khelaifi's words at the ECA General Assembly were a powerful reminder of the organisation's resilience. After a period of tension and uncertainty, the ECA appears to be ready to embark on a new phase, aiming to become a stronger, more representative and inclusive entity. These changes represent not only a new beginning for the organization but also a positive example of how an entity can grow and adapt even after difficult times.

With these new initiatives and a clear vision for the future, the ECA appears to be on a trajectory that could significantly transform European and global football. It remains to be seen how these ambitions will translate into concrete actions, but the prospects certainly appear promising.

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