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The Advent of Agricultural Robots

by 11 September 2023No Comments

The Advent of Agricultural Robots

In the last few years, artificial intelligence it has revolutionized various sectors, from healthcare to industrial automation. Today, we highlight a particular case where artificial intelligence crosses paths with sustainable agriculture. We are talking about Tesisquare, an innovative company based in Roreto di Cherasco, which has brought artificial intelligence directly into agricultural fields.

The idea, the brainchild of entrepreneur Giuseppe Pacotto, is simple but brilliant: use a robot to manage a company vegetable garden. This is not a simple vegetable garden, but an example of how technology can coexist with sustainability and contribute to the creation of a more efficient and responsible agricultural ecosystem.

Technology and Sustainability: A Perfect Marriage

The project, known as “Garden at Your Fingertips,” has as its main aim the fusion of advanced technology and sustainable agricultural practices. The robot, developed in collaboration with HORTObot, Mechanics97 e DIG421 Foundation, is designed to perform most agricultural operations, from planting to harvesting.

The robot is powered by batteries recharged by solar energy and uses a highly precise irrigation system that uses rainwater. As Pacotto points out, the use of this technology has made it possible to drastically reduce waste and CO2 emissions, contributing to the creation of a healthier environment for plants and people.

Savings and Benefits: The Impact of Precision Agriculture

Agronomist Silvana Goiran, who contributed consultancy to the project, highlights the benefits of precision agriculture. According to Goiran, the use of the robot allows for great water savings and avoids soil compaction, thanks to its vertical work from above. Furthermore, with the robot, it is possible to complete operations in just 30 minutes that would take half a day if performed manually.

Cultivating the Future: The Accessibility and Scalability of the Project

The robot arm is extremely modular and can cover a surface up to 27 meters wide. This makes it ideal not only for small corporate gardens, but also for large-scale applications. And the most interesting thing? Everything can be programmed and controlled remotely, making farming a more accessible activity for everyone, regardless of skill level.

Pacotto announced that the robot will be priced extremely competitively, opening the door to its possible large-scale commercialization.

Conclusions: A Technological Green Revolution

The “Garden at your fingertips” project is a clear example of how technological innovation can have a positive impact on agriculture and environmental sustainability. Not only has it made agriculture more efficient, but it has also improved the quality of life of Tesisquare employees and their families, who now have access to fresh, local products.

While waiting to see how this innovation will be received by the market, one thing is certain: artificial intelligence has the power to make agriculture more sustainable, efficient and, above all, accessible to everyone.

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