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DesAIgn: Artificial intelligence creates art at the Fellini Museum

by 14 September 2023No Comments

DesAIgn: Artificial intelligence create art at Fellini Museum

AI isn't just a tech buzzword; is emerging as a driving force in art and creativity. No one demonstrates this better than Mirco Tangherlini, a graphic designer and illustrator who gave life to “DesAIgn”. This revolutionary art exhibition is an initiative of Poliarte, the Academy of fashion, design and cinema based in Ancona. Poliarte, which has long been involved in the field of artificial intelligence, has recently integrated its operations into the Rainbow group. The target? Preparing students for the careers of the future, giving them the tools they need to thrive in the age of automation and machine learning.

The Artistic Stage: Palazzo del Fulgor and Its Wonders

Art lovers can explore this innovative exhibition at the Palazzo del Fulgor, also known as the Fellini Museum, until October 15. But what makes this exhibition so unique? The AI, guided by the inputs provided by Tangherlini, generates images which are then transformed into works of art. Each piece represents a journey into the potential of human-machine collaboration, opening new frontiers for artistic expression.


A Creative Partner in Modern Art

Mirco Tangherlini emphasizes that his vision of artificial intelligence surpasses its usefulness as a mere tool. “In my artistic research, Artificial Intelligence is not a simple tool, but a creative partner,” he says. According to him, using AI is like embarking on an adventure into the unknown, simultaneously exploring human potential and the capabilities of technology.

The Impact of AI: Beyond Art and Design

In addition to the exhibition, Tangherlini will also be the protagonist of a talk entitled "Snapshots on AI". This discussion will take place in the courtyard of the Gambalunga Library in Rimini and will seek to examine how artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly relevant in various sectors, from fashion to design and cinema. It is critical to understand how humans can effectively interact with this emerging technology, what challenges it presents, and what ethical and social implications it might have.

Realism and Challenges in the World of Digital Creativity

Sergio Ramazzotti, an accomplished photographer, journalist and writer, will add another layer of understanding to these issues. In an era where the line between reality and fiction is increasingly blurred, thanks to the overlap of creativity and technology, Ramazzotti will guide the audience through the labyrinth of reality and fake news.

The Futuristic Vision of Poliarte and the Municipality of Rimini

The “DesAIgn” exhibition represents only the beginning of a series of cultural and educational events that Poliarte intends to create in collaboration with the Municipality of Rimini. These events lay the foundations for a more structural role of Poliarte in the community, with the aim of transferring part of its university-level training activities to the city.

In conclusion, “DesAIgn” is not just an exhibition; it's a starting point for broader discussions about how artificial intelligence is transforming the way we think about creativity, art, and technology. And with creative minds like Mirco Tangherlini and innovative institutions like Poliarte, the future of art and artificial intelligence looks bright.

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