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Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy

by 15 September 2023No Comments

Artificial intelligence and Philosophy

Are you bombarded by alarmist headlines about artificial intelligence? “AI will destroy humanity,” “Jobs at risk due to automation,” “ChatGPT is nothing more than a fad.” If these phrases sound familiar, it may be time to take a step back and consider a more balanced perspective. In this regard, the Arsensum association organized a philosophy of science seminar to shed light on the complex world of AI. Led by the expert Prof. Antonio Napoletano, the seminar will take place at the Arsensum headquarters in Piazza Marconi n.37 at 7:00 pm.

From Antiquity to the Future: A Journey through the History of Artificial Intelligence

One of the best ways to understand artificial intelligence is through the prism of history. Prof. Napoletano will take us on a fascinating journey that begins with ancient myths and reaches modern philosophical, epistemological and social theories. And who could forget the emblematic figure of Alan Turing, father of AI theory? The seminar will also include interesting anecdotes that connect the past and present of technology.

Beyond Cliches: Understanding the Complexities of AI

The term “artificial intelligence” is often surrounded by a cloud of confusion and misunderstanding. The seminar will aim to dismantle some of the most persistent myths, providing accurate information and deeper understanding. Prepare to challenge your preconceptions and embrace new ways of thinking about this transformative technology.

Technoluddism vs Innovation: Finding a Balance

Another crucial topic that the seminar intends to address is the irrational fear of technology, often referred to as “techno-luddism.” While concerns about AI's impact on society and jobs are legitimate, outright rejection of the technology is not the solution. Prof. Napoletano will discuss how a balance can be found between critical acceptance and responsible adoption of technology.

The Role of Philosophy in the Future of Artificial Intelligence

The seminar will not only be limited to technical discussion but will also explore the philosophical implications of AI. This topic is of particular importance given the growing role of AI in various areas of everyday life. Prof. Napoletano will illustrate how philosophy can help navigate the complex waters of ethics, identity and existence in the age of artificial intelligence.

If you wish to move away from extremist views and gain a more matrix understanding of AI, we invite you to attend the seminar. You will have the opportunity to interact with Prof. Napoletano and other participants to further enrich your knowledge on the topic. Don't miss this opportunity to free yourself from techno-luddism and understand AI in a deeper and more mature way.

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