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WhatsApp Business API Revolution

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WhatsApp Business API Revolution: Changes and Rates from 1 February 2022

WhatsApp Business API is preparing to change the rules of the game for companies. From February 1, 2022, new pricing will come into effect, impacting digital marketing strategies.

WhatsApp Business API: An Overview

WhatsApp Business API is an advanced WhatsApp service for businesses with high conversation volumes. It offers the ability to automate and personalize customer communications.



News on Rates

From February, pricing will move from a model based on messages sent to one based on conversations undertaken. This approach places emphasis on the value of every company-customer interaction.

Key Differences between WhatsApp and its Business Variants

While WhatsApp Messenger is the messaging app for the general public, WhatsApp Business is designed for professionals and SMEs. WhatsApp Business API, on the other hand, is aimed at large companies, offering advanced features such as integration with other software via API.

New Rates for Conversations in Italy

In Italy, the new rates for company-initiated conversations will be €0.0532, while user-initiated ones will be €0.0319. These changes make a targeted and efficient communication strategy essential.

Free Conversations: When You Don't Pay

Interestingly, the first 1000 monthly conversations are free. Additionally, conversations initiated via calls-to-action from Facebook ads or pages incur no costs, promoting the integrated use of Meta platforms.

Optimal Strategies with SendApp

In this scenario, SendApp emerges as a fundamental tool for companies. This solution allows you to effectively manage communication via WhatsApp Business, making the most of the APIs and optimizing costs.

SendApp makes it easy to send personalized messages, manage contacts and plan campaigns. With SendApp, businesses can successfully navigate the new pricing system, maximizing customer engagement and minimizing costs.

The Future of WhatsApp Business

The changes introduced by WhatsApp Business API are a clear signal towards a future where company-customer digital communication will be increasingly personalized, efficient and integrated. By adopting tools like SendApp, businesses can prepare to capitalize on these opportunities while remaining competitive in the evolving digital landscape.

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