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Send multiple messages on WhatsApp

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To send multiple messages on WhatsApp is a practice that can be very useful for companies looking to maximize their marketing on this platform. However, it is important to remember that the main goal should not be simply to reach as many people as possible, but to build strong, trusting relationships with customers. In this article, we will explore four methods to send multiple messages on WhatsApp, from the simplest to the most complex approach.

1. The “Forward:” function

This method allows you to forward an existing message to up to five contacts at a time. It is the most basic method and has the obvious limitation of the small number of recipients that can be reached at the same time. Additionally, recipients will see that the message has been forwarded, which can diminish the perception of direct, personal communication.

2. The Broadcast Lists:

This tool allows you to send messages to a list of recipients, with the advantage that each message is received as if it had been sent individually. Broadcast Lists can contain up to 256 contacts, and messages are delivered only to recipients who have saved the company number in their address book. This method combines convenience with more customization than the simple “Forward” function.




3. Unofficial Submission Software:

These programs allow you to send multiple messages in a more advanced way than Broadcast Lists, also allowing the customization of messages through variable fields. However, they present some complexities, such as the need to be operated by users with a certain degree of technical expertise, and may not be in the cloud, making the management of shipments less reliable.

4. Software API (WhatsApp Official Use):

These tools represent the most advanced solution for multiple mailings, ideal for companies with thousands of customers. They offer advanced features such as inserting buttons into chats, access to detailed statistics and greater protection from the risk of bans. However, they have costs associated with each shipment and require more complex management.


Selecting the most suitable method for multiple sending on WhatsApp depends on various factors, including the number of recipients, available technical skills and budget. One option that deserves attention for its versatility and ease of use is **Sendapp**. This platform allows both the use of official APIs and unofficial solutions, offering the flexibility of operating in the cloud. Sendapp stands out for its ability to adapt to different business needs, making it a valuable tool for companies that want to use WhatsApp to its full potential for marketing.

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