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Telegram: the best anonymous and random chat BOT

Telegram is a great way to spend some time chatting with friends and relatives or meeting people, even if you remain anonymous: here's how.
It offers the possibility of using hundreds of BOTs, there are some that also allow you to chat.
Specifically, today we report a BOT which allows you to chat while keeping the total anonymity. Here's how it works.

Telegramhere is ChatIncognitoBOT

One of the major strengths of this instant messaging platform is the ability to use BOTs. In a certain sense, it is a question of real "instant app”Which start as if it were a chat conversation.

Among these, there is a BOT called ChatIncognitoBOT and allows you to get to know other users completely anonymous, but being able to decide some profile requirements of the people with whom to communicate such as gender, age and nationality. It is a tool that, if used correctly, allows you to meet new people maintaining total anonymity, thus protecting their privacy: only later, if users deem it appropriate, will they be able to exchange further personal details.

The use of ChatIncognitoBOT is completely free and can be used by all users who are registered on Telegram. The BOT is available at this address: of course, is not responsible for any misuse of the BOT that we have reported to you. In times like these, when boredom can be difficult to combat, tools like this can be very useful, but on one condition only: you need to use them responsibly.