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Calls, how to mask the phone number

by July 23, 20203 Comments

We thought we would give you the details on how it can be used in the real world and the benefits it offers to users who wish to anonymize calls within an app.

As the market gets busier, you need to find ways to build customer loyalty by differentiating in all the right ways.

Real life cases for number masking

  • Transport / Car Sharing: Let drivers and passengers call each other to arrange rides without ever sharing a personal phone number
  • Delivery - allows users to connect with each other to anonymously share important and timely information about expected deliveries and other services
  • Markets: Help buyers and sellers connect and trade, while expanding your market share with anonymous international calling
  • Healthcare: Allow users to comfortably talk to healthcare professionals while maintaining their privacy at all times

Features of number masking

  • Prompt Custom: Add pre-recorded voice files to enhance the customer experience
  • Number management: mirror your local presence by renting local numbers
  • Recording: Record calls and upload them to your secure bucket
  • Reports - Download log files or access data instantly
  • Anti-fraud: Maintain complete control of incoming calls
  • SMS: Enable SMS anonymization to further protect your customers' identities


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