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Software FREE SendApp to send messages Whatsapp in bulk directly from your PC. Free WhatsApp Bulk Sender the best marketing tool and sender of Whatsapp.

Send personalized, advertising and information messages to the contacts of Whatsapp and even more to other contacts with Sendapp is really simple. No technical skills are required: just personalize your message with Texts, Images, Emojis, Videos and Links to create a successful advertising campaign with just a few clicks.

Therefore SendApp allowed to send Whatsapp messages from the PC to all your contacts Whatsapp and even more to any other recipient list imported into SendApp in the following formats: .vcf. csv. txt * Contact Google and Apple.

With Free WhatsApp Bulk Sender - SendApp you can program your marketing campaigns, and surely always be in contact with your customers by sending the automatic reply message, and finally send all your customers the personalized message with the name, surname and others information.

You will receive the sending report to check if your messages reach your customers. So you can schedule and resend the same message only to undelivered contexts. In addition, you can create the automatic response to your customers based on the keyword in the question.

When you need to send mass messages, use our application SendApp Desktop Win and MAC:

SendApp Professional version HERE
SendApp Business version HERE

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