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WhatsApp: how to read deleted messages

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Reading deleted messages on WhatsApp is possible (and easy) with these tricks and apps. Can the other person no longer hide anything?

Like read deleted WhatsApp messages? If you are wondering, know that there is more than one way. Since when Whatsapp released the function that allows you to delete messages for everyone after sending, the developers took the opportunity to create apps and programs that allow you to know what was written in message deleted.

One of them is WhatsRemoved, very simple to use but questionable in terms of privacy as it violates the user's choices to hide what he had previously written. This application, available for Android, asks for permission to read and save WhatsApp notifications on your smartphone and records every message received. The user can choose to read all messages, including multimedia files such as photos, audio and video; only text messages; only messages deleted without saving the sender's name.

WhatsRemoved, however, has limitations: it does not work if the conversations are silent, without internet connection, if there is battery saving and if the sender immediately deletes the sent message. WhatsApp: how to read deleted messages.

Alternatively, those who have lost WhatsApp messages and attachments and want to recover them (but have not yet made a backup) can resort to a data recovery software such as Dr Fone, available in both iOS and Android versions.

After installing the program, you need to connect your device to the PC and give the permissions. In the next window select "WhatsApp messages and attachments" to start scanning the files to be recovered (messages, photos, videos, voice notes etc.) and click "Restore"> "Restore device" to restore the messages on the phone. You can also restore deleted WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup: just open the program, go to “Recover from iCloud backup files”, then insert data to access your iCloud account and decide which files to recover.

WhatsApp: deleted messages remain in memory

Another trick to read deleted messages on WhatsApp was revealed by the Spanish site months ago Android Jefe, explaining step by step the procedure to see what a person had written before deleting the message. This mode does not allow you to recover photos, audio and video notes, but it can still be very useful. Here it is explained below.

What is revealed is that even i deleted WhatsApp messages remain stored in the notification center of the operating system Android. All you have to do is access the notification histories to recover messages deleted from the conversation. For the trick to work though, you need to have it installed Android 6 or later, keeping in mind that compatibility varies from model to model.

To find out what was written in that message deleted from the chat, a solution is to download an app like Notification History, which creates the link to the system notification center. Here you have to look for the item "WhatsApp" and the deleted message will be in the row "Android.text".

Another way to access the notification history is Nova Launcher. Go up Activities > Settings and select Notification log to create the shortcut on the home screen. This way you can enter your Android notification history and search for deleted WhatsApp messages by a user, as we can see in the screenshot above.

Deleted WhatsApp messages has limits

The author of the post points out that this trick to recover deleted WhatsApp messages has limitations. First of all, only i can be recovered messages that have already been seen or those that were mistakenly discarded from the notification bar. When the system detects these activities it saves the messages in the registry, otherwise it only shows the warning "This message has been deleted".

in addition, you will only be able to see the first 100 characters of the deleted message or so. If it is a long text, it cannot be read entirely. We must also know that the registry does not save the notifications forever. But only for a few hours. That only works with received messages that generated one notification on the screen. Finally, if you want to recover photos or multimedia content WhatsApp that the other has deleted you will not be able to do it because the system only saves text messages.


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