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Libra the Facebook cryptocurrency

by June 29, 20204 Comments

Libra the Facebook cryptocurrency

Libra the cryptocurrency of facebook, you can send a payment via Facebook,Whatsapp o Messenger with minimal cost of transitions.


It was born as a currency potentially accepted all over the world thanks to a greater user base than any other cryptocurrency.


It will have a value linked to that of the dollar.

It will be possible to establish thanks to a low volatility asset.

thanks to the easy use via Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp, will facilitate the exchange of money also through social platforms.


Exchanges will only be valid after approval by central hubs.

It will therefore be different from bitcoin, less free and more controlled.

Libra Association

Libra Association is a non-profit association based in Geneva.

There are 29 Facebook partners in this project.

among the most important we find: Mastercard, Paypal, Visa, Uber, Spotify, eBay and Vodafone.

How much is it worth?

It defaults to dollar value.

Then you can calculate the euro / Libra exchange.


Calibra is the division of Facebook dedicated to work.

It should manage the digital wallet; which will be used to receive, initiate and store your money expressed in this cryptocurrency.

The Calibra digital wallet will be used to receive, send and store your value expressed in Libra. To date, the details are not yet clear, but Facebook explains how the intention is to allow the sending of money in instant times (such as by sending a message or sharing a post) and at absolutely minimal costs. ("Low or nil"). The portfolio will be accessible from almost any smartphone, also because one of the objectives that Calibra sets itself is the maximum democratization of access to credit, even outside the banking and credit systems, also and above all in emerging countries.


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