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WhatsApp limits message forwarding: what changes

by July 6, 2020One Comment

WhatsApp limits message forwarding: what changes

Whatsapp has imposed a new limit on the beyond of messages of dubious origin: it will be possible to do only for one chat at a time. Here's what changes

Whatsapp takes the field for limit the spread of fake news ;

in this very difficult period for billions of people around the world. After limiting the length of videos in the States to fifteen seconds (for the moment only in India), now the application establishes a new limit: messages forwarded too many times they can only be sent to one chat at a time.

It may seem like a minor change, but in reality it is not so. Whatsapp it is one of the platforms most used by users to text and to keep in touch with friends and relatives in this period in which we are all stuck in the house. Among the many messages sent, however, there are some that go viral quickly and that are fake news. In a period when correct information makes the difference to stem the infection, Whatsapp has decided to limit forwarded messages to help doctors and governments work. Here is what changes for users in daily life.

WhatsApp, how the message forwarding limit works

Application developers have been working on the "forwarding" feature for some time now. Unfortunately, it is the preferred tool for hackers and scammers to make certain types of messages viral. Already last year the technicians had intervened by limiting the number of chats to which messages of dubious origin could be forwarded to five. The app had also introduced a label to distinguish them: a double arrow above the message.

The limit on forwarding dubious messages to five chats at a time has been lowered to one chat at a time. According to WhatsApp it is an excellent tool to block the spread of fake news: the limit of five chats has already lowered the number of messages forwarded by the 25% globally. With this further cut it is hoped to put an end to this rather unpleasant practice. The new tool will remain even after the end of the emergency, unlike the limit imposed on the videos of the States which will be removed.

Message forwarding limit: what changes for users

This is certainly not an epoch-making change for users, but we are certainly facing one limitation that will lead to different use and more aware of the application. When you receive a message announcing yet another video that infects your smartphone or good discounts to buy food or clothing, users will have less desire to forward them to every single chat.

Whatsapp he wanted to emphasize, however, that not all the messages forwarded contain false news or contribute to disinformation, and that in many cases it is useful information, funny videos, memes and significant reflections.

When the new tool will be active

You will not have to wait for any update of the app: the new tool has already been activated by WhatsApp technicians, both for the desktop version, and for the Android and iOS app.

What is WhatsApp doing to stem the contagion from Covid-19

It may seem strange, but even messaging applications can help in a minimal part to block the infection from COVID-19. From the outset, WhatsApp has made its tools available to help healthcare professionals keep in touch with their family members and colleagues. The application is also used by WHO to disclose the correct information on the spread of the virus and on how to use masks and other personal protective equipment.

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