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Create a successful blog with WordPress

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Create a successful blog with WordPress and make yourself known to the world

Fashion blogger, food blogger, travel blogger. Whatever your passion and whatever type of blogger you want to become, there are little tricks to follow to start writing your posts successfully.

That of blogs (so-called diaries or personal pages) is a growing phenomenon over the last 20 years. Allows everyone; regardless of passions, to create and share online content in a structure that resembles that of a diary in which each page has a date and an address of recognition. The main difference compared to a website is in the its continuous evolution. Many people use them and have become famous thanks to a handful of words online; many have made themselves known by sharing their history, others have shared passions and experiences. From cooking to fashion, from sports to politics to technology. With a blog, the user can share whatever comes into his head: ideas, experiences and even advice. It can also sell a product or service, talk about you or a topic you are an expert on.

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The tips to make you known

Creating a blog and having a good following of readers is not difficult, but the important thing is to have the right coordinates to enhance the different elements that characterize a well-made page. Choose the topic well, use clear and concise language, use photos and videos, insert links that refer to authoritative sources; always choose a keyword or tag to indicate the topics discussed in the post; these are just some of the tips from the experts that allow a new blog to take off and get noticed at least a little in the immense sea of the Web.

WordPress to publish on the web

Tricks aside, it is essential to use a platform where you can publish and manage your blog. If you don't know any programming language, the easiest thing is to use WordPress; the most famous CMS (Content Management System) used by millions of bloggers that allows not only to create and publish content easily by integrating photos and videos; also of rbuild your own page from scratch without knowing any programming language. Thanks to the use of specific extensions (some free, others for a fee) anyone can create a Web blog by customizing every detail and implementing the features of their interest.

The hosting that boosts your blog

Before trying their hand at creating the Web pages that will populate a blog; perhaps the most important step must be taken: the choice of the Hosting service, or where the website should be hosted. Among the most performing and affordable solutions on the market, there are the WordPress Hosting packages designed by the Italian provider VHosting specially designed for e-commerce; (yes, with WordPress it is also possible to sell online), blogs that receive a lot of traffic and sites that must always be responsive. There are six different plans designed for any need. Among these, an excellent solution to get started is the plan Fast WordPress configured in hardware and software to make a WordPress site really performing even in its standard installation. Varnish SuperCache is configured with the Apache Web Server which acts on several levels and uses the Static and Dynamic Cache systems. Alternatively, if you want something even more powerful, the Super Fast WordPress plan that uses the powerful LiteSpeed Web Server instead. Both systems, supported by the related plug-ins for WordPress, provide extraordinary performance: blogs or sites with content that could be defined as static would be faster and “ready” compared to a standard hosting.


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