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Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

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In 2020 when we talk about marketing, we talk about Social Media Marketing

The aim of this manual is to show you the right method updated to 2020, to be successful with Social Media Marketing, providing you with the same information that gurus sell on their courses for thousands of euros.

This bundle specifically includes the 2 volumes: Instagram Marketing is Facebook ADS on offer at a special price.

We will see together in detail all the tools and strategies implemented every day by best marketers to the world, identifying the advertising campaign best suited to your company's needs.

Part 1 - Instagram Marketing:

Instagram is constantly evolving and what worked even just a year ago, unfortunately, is not replicable today.

This guide will offer you more methods effective for customer loyalty, through:

  • Creating one Visual storytelling;
  • The development of a Content Strategy successfull;
  • The proper use of IGTV;
  • The development of a sales funnel through Instagram Shopping;
  • The creation of advertising campaigns targeted for your audience;
  • The development of innovative content, using the collaboration of Influencer capable of positively influencing your brand;
  • A wise choice of Hashtags;
  • How to create a successful corporate Instagram profile;
  • How to best relate to yours public;
  • The most suitable techniques for a persuasive copywriting;
  • How to monitor the results obtained and carry out a thorough analysis of the ROI;
  • The generation of Leads;
  • ... so much more!

All the strategies contained in the first half of this bundle related to marketing on Instagram refer to the most recent version of the Instagram App (143.0) of May 2020

Part 2 - Facebook ADS:

If you know how to use it, Facebook is a very powerful tool that allows you to get gods concrete results

I have enclosed everything in this 2nd part, I will guide you step by step throughout the process

We will see together:

  • ... how to create create Facebook campaigns that convert;
  • ... psychology e Social Media Marketing;
  • ... how to choose the right target based on your business;
  • ... how to make the most of the re-targeting and re-marketing;
  • ... what are the different advertisements and which ones call-to-action match them;
  • ... how to apply the copywriting to advertising on Facebook;
  • ... strategies to increase conversions;
  • ... interpret the results e climb your own campaign;
  • ... all the mistakes that will make you waste budget;
  • ... and many other valuable tips to be successful with Facebook in 2020!


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