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Entrepreneurial Intelligence book of 97 questions

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WARNING! If you are looking for a method of quick and painless success, this book IS NOT FOR YOU.Save yourself some time. This is not a book motivational, he doesn't want to sell you any prepackaged magic formula; won't tell you any stories borrowed from some American trainer (and translated -bad- from some Italian trainer).

Entrepreneurial Intelligence it is not a book.

Is one practical tool that helps you work better; allowing you to make the right profit from your work as an entrepreneur.It is a real operational notebook suitable for any type of business, because the growth of any type of company and the climb of any niche or market is based on three simple variables: 1 . the number of customers 2. the average turnover per customer3. The frequency of purchase Nothing else. This volume is a collection of 97 practical questions that every entrepreneur must answer to take his company to the next evolutionary stage. Giò Fumagalli has in fact condensed into only 97 questions (100 pages in total!) All that is erroneously defined by many as "The secret system" of the best international entrepreneurs.

In reality there is nothing secret: as always, it is only math, logic and strategy.

If you are tired of the usual random theory, if you are tired of the biographies of the gurus or the recipes to become a billionaire in 3 days, then this volume is for you.ATTENTION BUT: making yours or reading this book will not be enough Also in this case to see the results you will have to work hard: you will have to find the time to reflect and write, in black and white, the answers to the 97 questions you find in this volume, otherwise buying it is completely useless ... because knowledge without action counts for zero !It will be YOUR answers to these 97 questions to make a difference for the your business, triggering a rapid and drastic growth of your sales, freeing you from the grip of the competition and finally allowing you to get the entrepreneurial freedom.What are you waiting for? Start Making Yourself Now (97) right questions!

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