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Whatsapp marketing. Use it as a business tool

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You are thinking of integrating Whatsapp in your digital strategy? The most used messaging application in the world opens its doors to companies by launching its Business version; a useful tool to easily interact with your customers and build solid and lasting relationships. In this book we will guide you step by step to discover WhatsApp Business, from setting up your account to integrating the app into your mobile marketing strategy. You will discover the advantages and possible uses of the platform, we will reveal how to best approach the tool to fully exploit its enormous potential. We will analyze the main success stories of small and large companies in order to provide you with useful ideas from which to draw inspiration to plan your strategy. At the end of the reading you will be able to start an effective and winning campaign.


  • Roberto says:

    Hello all dear
    I share My review Of WhatsApp. but not regular Whasapp This is Business Whatapp So. I give your Best Feature of Business Whatsapp.
    1) Application Look very smart and good.
    2) Business Option in this App. @ Quick Reply @ Job timing set for Viewings Customer @ Automatically Ans when you receive customer massege then Qick reply. @ Greetings massage
    3) best Feture is One phone in Two Account of Whatsapp I like it.

  • Piones says:

    Sendapp powers the future of business communications, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software.

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    Wide range of Small & Medium Sized businesses in eCommerce, Telco, Insurance, SaaS, Startups & Enterprise. Our target customer is everyone who understands how important customer service is.

  • Rubens says:

    Whatsapp has started new feature UPI based payments in INDIA. The new feature available on seleceted whatsapp beta version on IOS & ANDROID

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