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ADVANCED SEO AUDIT + SEO for local businesses

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There local SEO

(organic geo-localized visibility on search engines) plays a fundamental role in a good marketing strategy and can be decisive in making your business competitive in the area.

With this book, designed for small and medium-sized businesses as well as accommodation facilities, restaurateurs and freelancers; I will guide you to the knowledge of the subject starting from the basics to get to the most interesting tips on how to make your presence on the main search engines effective.

Step by step you will find out how to optimize your website and your Google My Business listing; you will find practical advice on how to best set on-page SEO for the positioning of your websites and you will learn the strategies to be adopted on Google Ads and on social channels; improving your visibility and making your business successful.



The SEO Audit,

that is, in-depth analysis of a website and its SEO optimization, is a crucial element of any online project.

This book is an indispensable support tool for those who want to deal with an SEO Audit in a serious, professional and effective way.

Optimizing a website for search engines implies the deepening of many aspects. After the market analysis of the reference sector and the analysis of the positioning of competitors; look for duplicate content, HTML or script errors, non-compliant HTTP status codes.

A quality SEO Audit takes into account the usability of the analyzed website, checks if it can be used correctly by mobile devices, analyzes its performance and makes sure that security is not compromised. Furthermore, it takes into account the popularity of the website on the net, understood as the number and quality of backlinks received. All this and much more in the first operational, practical and effective guide for the SEO professional.

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